Our Promise

Our Promise at Brush & Color Eco Painting

Unpredictable results and common, subtle, yet harmful side-effects are what make the painting industry a burden to work with. It’s the little things that make a big impact, good or bad. Our promise at Brush & Color Eco Painting is to make you feel at ease, at home and inspired, in a safe and healthy environment. To us this means:

Honesty — in price, in expectations and in the timeline.

For this reason, we do not do “estimates”, we make promises.
The only way the work changes, or the cost changes, is if you, our client, decides to change something, and we have it in writing.
Before beginning a project, we will send an itinerary of the day-to-day, adding “cushion” time, in case ideas or decisions change.

Clarity and Communication

Your Project Manager will call you the day before a job is to begin, check in the morning-of an hour before arriving, as well as during any break periods or emergencies.
All details of the project will be submitted in writing to you in the proposal, as we believe there should be complete transparency in the way business is conducted.
We will gladly show you before hand what you are to expect from a paint and a color. We will put in writing before the project begins that you are satisfied with a color choice and paint.

Eliminate Stress

Our workers do not smoke in or near your home.
We will clean up our work area before leaving everyday, and make sure it is out of your way and off your mind.
We do not play music in your home. We believe your environment is your most sacred place, and we will not put any influence on your lifestyle.

Rendering Top Quality Service

We have systems in place that ensure your expectations are met. Upon meeting, we will go over your project in great detail, assuring that we both know the outcome and your expectations.
We do use painters’ tape, because no matter how much experience a painter has, you cannot paint a straight line.
We would love to show you how we work! Just ask and we can explain any part of the project.

Health & Safety

We use products that are safe for your family and our workers.
Some, not all, of the leading paint brands’ products are very dangerous and show evidence of being a threat to health, especially in children and newborns. We used certified health-promoting products that create a clean safe environment in your home, and safe for our planet!
It is known that throughout history paint has been toxic, and even possibly driven painters mad (for example, Vincent Van Gogh) — but not the paints we use! They do no “off-gassing”, which, through years of exposure, has left this industry filled with cuckoos.

A Reasonable Profit at a Fair Price to You.

We will gladly share our numbers with you and show you where the money goes. Again, at Brush & Color transparency is the only way to conduct business.
    To get these results, we have begun an evolution of a culture in our business — a culture that thrives on a systematized approach to production, and a promise from our suppliers to give us the best products possible, with health and safety always in mind. We have written standards and warranties, as well as checklists for each day and each action to each project. When we come to measure your building, we have a checklist of all the repairs that need to be made.

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