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Using Spray Paint in Austin TX: 9 Must-Know Facts

Do you have an upcoming painting project in Austin TX that you’re considering using spray paint for? Are you worried that your DIY attempts will turn into a disaster? We are here to help you. There are many fun, economical, and easy ways to use spray paint. However, there are facts about spray paint that most people do not know about. 

Here are nine things to know about using spray paint before starting your DIY project! 

  • Why Choose Aerosol Paint Over Ordinary Paint?

Advantages: The popular brushes and rollers are not always the best option in every situation. Spray paint is much easier to use and is more forgiving when you make a mistake. It is less expensive, dries faster, and provides better coverage. Most spray paints are oil-based, which means they adhere much better to most surfaces and are often more durable than latex paint.

Disadvantages: The choice of spray paint colors is very limited compared to the unlimited choice of colors for traditional paint. Spray paint also costs more per square foot; it has a stronger odor and should be used in a well-ventilated area.

  • Spray Paint Can Be Applied On Virtually Any Surface.

Thanks to its versatility, spray paint can be used on many surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, plaster, concrete, canvas, particleboard, laminate, glass, and many more. It is strongly advised not to spray paint on surfaces that come into direct contact with food.

  • Temperature Affects Aerosol Paint.

The spray paint does not adhere very well when it is too cold or too humid outside. Wait until the humidity level is below 65%, it is sunny, and the temperature is mild. If you have to spray paint in winter, try to do it in your garage or in a place (ideally not in the house) where the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, your paint will bubble, crack, or peel off.

  • Is A Primer Required?

Because the spray paint is oil-based, it requires no primer for most surfaces. However, it is recommended to use a primer for shiny surfaces, metal, and wood, as well as external surfaces. For wood, a primer helps prevent uneven paint finish. For metal, it will increase the resistance to erosion.

  • Don’t Forget To Use A Mask During Application.

When using aerosol paint, there is a good chance that the area you are working in will be full of airborne paint solvent particles. Without a mask, these solvents will end up in your lungs, which is harmful to your health. It is, therefore, important to always wear a respirator when using spray paint. 

  • The Surface To Be Painted Must Be Clean

Paint generally never sticks well on a dirty surface. So clean the surface thoroughly and make sure it dries completely before you start spraying; keeping in mind paint does not stick to a moist surface.

  • A Pair Of Gloves Is A Must-Have

The biggest advantage –and disadvantage –of aerosol paint is that it adheres to just about anything, including your fingers! A good pair of gloves will avoid any cleaning frustrations at the end of the project.

  • It Is Possible To Use Aerosol Paint In A Garage, But With Caution

Since it is impossible to paint outdoors at all times of the year, a large garage is a good alternative. It is essential to observe all the safety instructions (respiratory mask). Make sure all surfaces and objects in your garage near your work area are covered with a cloth or plastic, and the garage door is kept open during the painting. 

  • What to Do If the Spray Paint Forms Bubbles When Drying?

Do not panic! Just get high-grain sandpaper (220) and lightly sand the problematic surface once it’s dry, then cover the area again with paint. Problem solved!

The Bottom Line 

Spray paint can be used on pretty much anything due to its strong adherence and versatility. However, to get the best results and avoid frustration, you need to keep the above nine facts and tips in mind. If you need professional help with your painting project, Brush and Color Painting can help. 

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