Interior Painters in Austin

Are you looking for a reliable and responsible interior painting company in Austin? When you choose Brush & Color, you’re trusting a company devoted to eco-friendly practices and stellar customer service. We believe in creating beautiful homes that have a positive impact.

Best of all, the company owner is personally involved in every job we complete. Said owner is none other than myself, Nick Painter. That’s right: I’m a painter in both deed and name!

5-Star Rated Interior Painting Company

There’s a reason our team stands out among interior painters in Austin. First, we seek to provide you, the homeowner, with an incredible interior painting job. Second, we strive to complete our task in a way that is mindful of our environment.

Our customers are satisfied knowing we do the job right the first time. They love how we transform their spaces, and we’ve got the testimonials to prove it. You can’t go wrong with our 3-year warranty and annual courtesy touch-up service, either.

Professional Interior Painters

Our interior painting contractors in Austin can handle any job, big or small. We paint your walls, ceilings, doors and frames, and baseboards with transparent pricing. Need extra work done in a bathroom or kitchen? We can strip away old wallpaper, repair damaged drywall, and retexture ceilings before applying your chosen paint color.

Our commitment to the environment means we only recommend paints that are safe and eco-friendly. We depend on reusable equipment like washable canvas drop cloths and washable plastics to reduce our ecological footprint. If you’re someone who cares about protecting the planet as much as we do, then let Brush & Color exceed your expectations.

Clean Work Areas

When it comes to house painting, few things are worse than when a crew shows up, slings paint everywhere, and leaves your home cluttered with half-empty cans, sodden rollers, and inconsistent edging. As one of the most respected interior painting companies in Austin, we pride ourselves in having built a reputation of genuine respect for our customers, their homes, and their time. We’re grownups, and we clean up after ourselves.

Every day we’re on your property, we’ll down tools in time to clean up so that your living space is spic and span. We’ll never smoke in or around your home, and there won’t be any stray debris like food wrappers or water bottles left behind. Our crews will even work to whatever music you choose or with no background noise at all—your home, your rules.

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

There’s simply no other interior painting company in Austin that operates like we do. Even our estimates aren’t estimates; they’re promises we can keep. When you choose us as your interior painters in Austin, you get a team of consummate professionals focused on delivering a fantastic experience and superlative results.

Ready to take the next step toward hiring interior painting contractors in Austin? Check out our pricing page for a preview of average costs, then call us for a free consultation and cost promise. We look forward to adding new and lasting beauty to your home.

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