Our Story

The Brush & Color Story

Nick Painter (yes, that's his real last name!) started Brush & Color Painting in 2017 and has been proudly serving ATX since. Nick has had a lot of painting experience working in a small family company with his dad and brother in the early 2000s. Nick left painting in 2007 with the pending crash, and spent 10 years in the restaurant industry, with nothing to show for it (while still doing some painting here and there)!

Nick decided in 2017 to start a painting company and move to Austin, TX - having never visited before. What a wise decision! He's since met the love of his life and continues to grow the business, make music and live a grateful life!

Nick now lives with his wife Mariel, dog Nova, cat Fernest, and pig named Shevan (kids on the way??) in Leander. They love the outdoors, their painting partners, family, animals and community.

Brush & Colors' painting partners are multiple teams of professional painters, with over 200 years combined experience!


Nick Painter
Owner, Brush & Color Painting

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