Limewash Painters in Austin TX

Do you love the look of painted brick but have heard horror stories of water getting trapped behind the paint, causing brick walls and facades to degrade? The answer is specialty mineral-based paint, which allows moisture to find its way to the surface, leaving brick dry and stable.

You’re best served by trusting the process of painting or limewashing brick to a professional brick limewashing painting company in Austin. Brush & Color has the experienced crews you need. I’m Nick Painter and paint isn’t just in my name; it’s my passion.

The Most Experienced Limewash Painters in Austin

If you want professional-grade limewashing in Austin, you need a team of experts who have the right equipment and can source the correct paint. Our team members have the skills, knowledge, and experience to create an entirely new look out of dated or boring brick. We use Romabio paint, a high-end mineral-based limewashing option that delivers stunning, long-lasting results.

Romabio paint requires no primer and can be applied directly to clean, dust-free brick surfaces. The paint carries a manufacturer warranty of 20 years, and we can order it tinted to the color of your choice. This versatility makes it easy for our limewash painters in Austin to match or accentuate your existing color scheme, creating a brand-new look with a few simple steps.

Limewashing Brick Creates a Unique & Beautiful Finish

A high-quality limewashing can take a sober, dark brick façade from depressing to delightful. An unused fireplace can be transformed into a kind of indoor bower by accenting the mantle with ivy against a newly lightened backdrop. And if your home exterior is in sore need of an update, limewashing can give your brick construction a facelift, bumping your curbside appeal up by several notches.

Limewashed brick is much more attractive than simple painted brick. Rather than flashy, your home will look understated and elegant, and the limewashed effect can last for decades. Once we’ve finished limewashing your brick, we know you’ll fall in love with its homey, old-world charm.

Limewash Your Exterior or Interior Brick

The main attraction of limewashing is that it’s suitable for either interior or exterior brick walls or facings. Exterior limewashing has the added protection of weather resistance, while the mineral-based paint makes interior limewashing practically impervious to moisture or mold. The effects of limewashing will hold up in Austin’s variable climate, handling hot, humid summers and frigid winters with ease.

If you have both interior and exterior walls in need of treatment, our limewash painters in Austin can complete the whole job, inside and out. We won’t require any new setup to complete your painting task. Without the need for a primer, we’re ready to complete your limewashing efficiently and professionally.

Show Us Your Brickwork

We can’t wait to show you what’s possible with limewashing. Contact us today, and we’ll come out and give you a cost promise on-site. Your home will look fantastic with a limewashed brick update!

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