2020-04-23 Brush and Color Westlake TX Painting Living Room

7 Ideas For Painting Your Living Room in Westlake, TX

When you’re looking to update the look of your home, one of the rooms you might consider starting with is the living room.

It’s a room where people spend a good amount of time on weekends and at night during the week, so it makes sense that you would want it to look its best.

There are so many ways that you can paint your living room that it can at times be difficult to choose one.

With that being the case, let us look at seven ideas for painting your living room in Westlake, TX.

1. Black Accent Wall

Having a black accent wall can add a lot of intrigue to your home, even though some might have you believe that it is a bleak and unpleasant color for your home.

The contrast that you can have if you have one black wall and three walls that are bolder colors, such as dark green or even purple.

Of course, you may want to think about having it as a contrast wall with just “plain” white walls as the other walls.

It should be mentioned that you don’t want to have the black contrast wall across from a large window, where you will have the wall hit by sunlight at least part of the day — the combination of sun and a black wall are not a good thing.

2. Pink

Pink doesn’t have to be relegated to the dream house of the dolls in your children’s room.

Indeed, pink can be a lovely color for the interior walls of your home in your living room.

It’s light and pleasant, as long as you bear in mind that you should choose an appropriate shade of pink that is too overpowering to the rest of the room.

3. Bright Yellows

When you want to add some light and cheer to your living room, you can do well by painting the walls bright yellow.

Bright yellow is the color people think of when they think of the sun, though in truth it is more a white than a yellow (it is a bit interesting that people overwhelmingly will paint the sun as yellow when it’s not.)

4. Green

It may not be easy being green, to use the words of a famous singing frog, but green is a fantastic color for your living room.

Green is a color that is like the forest as well as shrub, and nature in general.

Being surrounded by green can be a soothing thing for some people, though your taste may vary of course.

5. Forest

As nice as it is to have green on the walls of your living room, can you imagine what it would be like to have actual trees painted on your living room wall?

Though it may sound like something that would be more appropriate for a children’s playroom, it could be something that would work for your living room.

6. Gray and Black

Another thing you can do with your living room is a combination of black and gray.

It really is up to you which of the two colors is more dominant and the kind of patterns that you will use to paint your living room, but generally speaking the two colors go swimmingly well together.

7. Stripes

Though some would have you believe that a plain colored accent wall is the only way to go, you can also do well for yourself with a striped accent wall.

The different colors of the accent wall should complement one another, ideally, but if you think you can get good contrasting colors going on in your living room you can go for that as well.

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