Cabinet Painting Austin TX

When it comes to hiring cabinet painters in Austin, you’re probably hoping for two things. First, that you can find a reliable, honest painting company with the equipment and knowledge to do an outstanding job. Second, that the crew you hire shows up on time and actually does the job they promised to do.

You’d think those would be basic expectations and not hard to meet. But as someone who has been in the painting business for years, I can tell you that a qualified, dependable cabinet painting company in Austin isn’t that easy to find. My name is Nick Painter, so I should know.

Looking for the Best Cabinet Painting Contractors in Austin?

Brush & Color painting crew members are the best in the industry, which means we do things with the utmost professionalism. When we come out to your home for a free consultation, there’s no “estimate” given; instead, we provide you with a cost promise. We back up that promise by putting together a comprehensive overview of your project from start to finish, so there aren’t any surprises down the line.

Once you’ve brought us on to complete your cabinet painting project, we’ll also provide you with a dependable time estimate. Cabinet painting is more complicated than most people think, and 80% of the final result depends on prep work. We’ll need time to disassemble, repair, prime, paint, and reassemble your cabinets correctly for superior results.

Smooth, Strong, Durable Finish

We source eco-friendly primers and paints that are not only environmentally conscious but also deliver health benefits. These high-quality paints provide a smooth, strong, durable finish that stands the test of time, and we’ll even touch it up for you on an annual basis. Whether we’re renovating your kitchen cabinets or refurbishing a playroom’s storage area, we do work designed to last.

Remodel Your Kitchen for Less

Any cabinet painters in Austin worth their salt will tell you it’s much cheaper to refinish your existing cabinets for a new look than to tear them out and buy new ones. The average cost of kitchen cabinet replacement is close to that of an entire kitchen remodel—in some cases, up to five figures. Repainting your cabinets can be done at a fraction of that cost.

Our crew begins by diagramming your cabinets in place and marking every piece for easy reassembly. They then pull out all the hardware and set it aside for refurbishing before completely disassembling your cabinetry into single components. They prime and paint the framework first, then the drawer fronts and cabinet doors, inside and out.

Every step has extra time built in for drying to ensure no fingerprints or smudges are left behind. We’ll clean up thoroughly before we finish for the day, leaving your home as orderly as possible until we return. After we reassemble your cabinets and reinstall the hardware, we’ll do a final run-through of the workspace to ensure we’re leaving your home just as we found it when we arrived.

Cabinet Painters in Austin You Can Trust

Are you ready to hire responsible, confident cabinet painting contractors in Austin? We’re at your service. Contact us today and ask about our 3-year warranty for all interior and exterior painting services.

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