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DIY: How to Get Rid Of Water Stains on Woodwork

Wood furniture is beautiful until it catches a water stain and you have to do woodwork refinishing. Water stains are simply marks that are left behind when water sits on a piece of wood/furniture for a long time. This commonly happens when a sweating glass of cold water or a cup of hot beverage is left to sit on a piece of wooden furniture for long.

Water stains can be quite difficult to remove from wood. The type of wood, finish of the wood and the type of stain all makes it even more difficult to devise a single method for all types of stains. For this reason, we will share several DIY methods you can try out to get rid of water stains. Have a look:

Method 1: Ironing

If the stain has been there for just a few days, using the ironing method might work. To use this method, empty all the water from the iron and lay a cotton towel or T-shirt over the stain. Set the iron on low and apply it to the fabric briefly before lifting the cloth to check the progress. Repeat severally and see if the white stain will disappear.

Method 2: Toothpaste

If the above doesn’t work, try this. White, non-gel toothpaste is also known to be effective. Squeeze white toothpaste onto a rag and gently massage it onto the stain. Scrub gently for 1-2 minutes and check if you see any changes. Only focus on the affected spots to avoid further damaging to the furniture in question.

Method 3: Baking Soda

Make a mixture of 1-tablespoon baking soda and 1-teaspoon water to try; yet another method if those stubborn stains just don’t seem to go away. Gently rub the spot in a circular motion with the paste until the stains disappear. While at it, remember not to use too much water or you might escalate the issue.

Method 4: Mayonnaise

If that water stain ring doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, let’s try this one last method. Mayonnaise sounds like an odd thing to put on your furniture, but it just might be the magic wand. Dab a bit of mayonnaise onto a rag, then gently apply it directly to the stained area.

Allow the application to stay for at least one hour. If you can’t find mayonnaise, use petroleum jelly as an alternative. If you can’t seem to see significant results, add some fireplace ashes. The idea is for the petroleum or mayonnaise to seep into the finish and displace the moisture.

Consult a Professional

If none of the above DIY methods seem to get rid of the water stains on your wooden furniture, cabinets, countertop, deck or any other wooden material, it’s time to seek professional help. In case the wooden material is extensively damaged, a painting contractor might be able to suggest several comprehensive interventions that will restore the aesthetic appeal of that said material.

Typically, professionals can choose to refinish your furniture or deck by scrubbing off the existing finish and applying a new one. Options range from staining, painting, sealing and refacing, depending on the type of wood, current finish, and extent of the damage.

The Bottom Line

A water stain is a common problem that many homeowners face every once in a while. And it can be caused by anything from leaking planters placed on the exterior deck to a sweating glass of cold beverage left overnight on the coffee table.

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