Repainting your Bedroom in Austin TX

Repainting Your Bedroom in Austin, TX? Consider These Color Families

Are you planning on repainting your bedroom or the entire interior of your home in Austin TX? We’ve got some color ideas for you, read on.

A bedroom is one of the most personal and private areas of the house, which is why it must be designed and appropriately decorated.

Besides giving importance to various other factors such as the bed and furniture, your wall color deserves special attention.

If you’re having trouble choosing between different color families or setting a color theme for your bedroom, consider the following tips and views.

Paint Your Room Blue to Create a Peaceful Escape

Since blue has a calming effect, it is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day. Choose light colors, like turquoise, to create a relaxed atmosphere and dreamlike space or medium to deep blues for a more tranquil feel.

For example, you can paint your walls with a soft green, blue tone and choose warm-colored wood furniture and a few white and black paintings for a fresh and timeless effect.

If you like modern, elegant, and striking styles, paint three walls in yellow sand and the last one in navy blue. Add copper wall decorations and industrial style wall sconces to add sharp contrast.

Green Paint to Create a Nurturing Atmosphere

This color will give an impression of tranquility and security.
Since it can be very relaxing to spend time in nature, if you paint your room in green, you will reproduce this serene atmosphere.
Light green is perfect for forming a natural background that will make you think of spring and renewal, while a medium tone can create a welcoming world of escape.

Try yellow.

Look for subtle tones to achieve a joyful and welcoming effect. The golden shades create a warm atmosphere while the light tones give the impression that the space is more open and bright.
Avoid bright yellows and those with green highlights, as they can be too bright for a room.

Add passion with vibrant shades of red or orange.

Consider rich tones of red and orange. These colors are certainly daring for a room, but shades such as burgundy and burnt orange can give an impression of warmth and passion.
However, you must make your choice with the utmost care because too saturated tones can have a stimulating effect, and you will have more trouble falling asleep at night.

If you’re worried about reds and orange being too intense for your room, you can paint a single red wall behind your bed and paint the other walls with a calm shade of gray or beige to soften the whole.

Combine rich burnt orange with furniture, bedding, and dark curtains to create a luxurious, warm ambiance.
These stimulating colors are perfect for people who have trouble getting up in the morning because they have an energizing effect when you wake up.

If you need any help choosing your colors and repainting your bedroom or home interior, Brush & Color Painting can help. 

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