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5 Tips To Better Paint Your Bathroom Walls

When you have a bathroom that’s in need of a painting, you surely will realize that there are ways to do it that are better and that there are techniques that you can employ to enhance the quality of your paintwork.

There are many reasons you are going to want to learn some such techniques, among them being that you want an overall better bathroom in terms of aesthetics and of course you won’t want to paint your bathroom and then have to return to it a couple of years later to paint it anew if your first paint job does not look as good as it should.

Let’s now look at and consider five tips to paint your bathroom walls in Austin, TX

1. Picking The Right Color

One of the first things you’re going to need to do when you’re looking to paint your bathroom walls is to choose a color or perhaps a couple of colors for them.

Though some would suggest that you stick to only one color for a bathroom, you could just as easily do a couple of colors (one for each set of opposing walls) or even one for the walls with a different color for the trim.

The colors ideally are going to be complementary in nature, meaning that they are going to be a couple of colors that look good together.

2. Making Use Of A Good Paint

In addition to choosing a proper color, it’s important that you use the paint that is right for a bathroom.

Though it might seem like just about any paint would work (any interior paint, that is) it is a better idea to look for a paint that will help you protect against mildew and mold.

The reason that mildew and mold can be such a problem in a bathroom is the higher amount of moisture in the air that is often found in a bathroom.

3. Taking Time To Remove Mold And Mildew

When you’re preparing to paint your bathroom, you’re going to need to clean the bathroom and in doing so you should pay particular attention to the mold and mildew that may have sprouted up in the time since you last painted or otherwise remodeled your bathroom.

This is of particular importance because there are few things that are nearly as insidious as mold and mildew, as it were, in terms of messing up bathrooms — and if you allow it to stay there, it is quite bad for both the health of the bathroom as well as the health of the occupants.

4. Making Sure To Ventilate While Painting

In the process of painting your bathroom, you have to be sure that you stay safe — and one way to do so is to keep the painting area ventilated for the duration of the painting process.

The fumes that you can sometimes get from painting (the level will depend on the kind of paint that you choose as some are higher in emitting such fumes) are dangerous and so it is good to ventilate the painting area by doing this like opening windows if possible as well as the door.

5. Allowing Time To Let It Dry

Lastly, one of the keys to a successful bathroom painting project is to make sure that you allow surfaces time to dry before you proceed to the next step in the process.

This will apply to many steps in the painting process such as when you clean the bathroom walls prior to starting to paint as well as when you apply the coat of primer and the coats of paint.

You will do well to make sure to let surfaces dry as to not do so will threaten the long-term wellbeing of the paintwork.

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