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7 Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Home in Austin, TX in 2024

In trying to sell your home, there are numerous things that you can do to ensure that you get a better offer — something the average home seller looks to do. It is worth noting that there are some home improvements that you can make that will add quite a lot more value to your home than you invest upfront, making it a better choice.

Let us now look at seven home improvements to help sell your home in Austin, TX in 2024

1. Steel Door

One thing you can do in terms of improving your home for future sale is the door — and when you think about it, taking the door that you presently have and replacing it with a steel door makes a lot of sense. A steel door is significantly better than a non-steel door for several reasons — it is a lot more durable. It is better in terms of resisting cold, and it is also great in terms of energy efficiency. In terms of return on investment, you will likely get all the money back you put into purchasing the door and then some, depending on where you can buy the door.

2. Update Your Bathroom

If your bathroom has not been updated in more than a decade, there’s a good chance that updating it will do a lot of good for your home. This is both in terms of your house’s price when you sell it later on and in terms of your bathroom’s health as you continue to use it. This could be anything from a minor update to the bathroom, like replacing the bath or shower, to a major overhaul in which the room is stripped down to the studs and then built back up.

3. Add An Accent Wall

You can also update and improve your home to add an accent wall to one of your rooms — perhaps to more than one if you prefer. The nice thing about accent walls is that they can be as simple as taking the chosen wall and painting it a different color or adding a certain pattern to it, perhaps even a wallpaper. This can add value to your home and does not necessarily cost a lot to do.

4. A New Garage Door

There’s a good chance that unless your garage door happens to be new, you might benefit well from updating your garage door. In addition to helping your home sell for a better price, your new garage door may make the garage a bit more functional. Newer garage doors are also safer than older garage doors, giving them yet another leg upon them regarding what to have for your garage.

5. Updated Kitchen Cabinets

A nice way to improve your home is to update your kitchen cabinets. There are many ways you can go about doing this, ranging from entirely replacing them (the costliest of choices) to taking measures to reface and repaint them to make them look better, to just doing little things to improve their look.

6. Better Lighting

The improvement of your lighting around your home has several benefits that you will reap both soon after doing it and in the long term. The immediate benefits include having better lighting as well as a lower electric bill. The more long term benefits involve getting a better price on your home’s sale as people will also want better lights for their future home.

7. Larger Porch

Lastly, think about your porch and how big it is — and if it’s possible to make it bigger. When you look at a house with a smaller porch versus a house with a larger house, it’s almost inevitable that the house with the larger house will sell for more than the smaller house.

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