2021-01-09 Brush And Color Eco Painting Austin TX Kitchen Cabinets Mistakes

7 Mistakes To Avoid Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets in Austin, TX in 2021

When you are looking to paint your kitchen cabinets, you are of course doing something that is good for your kitchen overall and it is important that you take your time to do it right.

If you are well aware of some of the pits and possible perils involved in the painting of your cabinets you can more easily avoid them, which is certainly preferable.

With that being the case, let us look at seven mistakes to avoid painting your kitchen cabinets in Austin, TX in 2021

1. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

Of course you may be well aware that there are many kinds of paint, and not all of them are meant to be used for every painting need.

It’s fundamental that you only use the right kind of paint for your painting project, and you not try to just paint your kitchen cabinets using a paint that is more meant for exterior painting.

2. Not Covering The Area Where You Are Painting

In the process of painting your kitchen cabinets, you have to be careful with the paint that you are applying so as to not make a mess.

One way that you can do this is to cover the area near where you are painting with things such as tarps and drop cloths and the like to not allow to get the paint to get through.

It is considerably easier to cover these areas with protective materials and then to remove them after you are finished than to try to clean a spill that could happen during the painting process.

3. Not Sanding

Part of the process of getting ready to paint your kitchen cabinets involves sanding them.

This is going to be the case because you want the surface of your cabinets to be as smooth as possible, and sanding will be one way to get it that way.

You don’t have to go all out in sanding, incidentally — it only takes a light sanding to get the cabinets ready.

4. Rushing The Process

The process of painting your kitchen cabinets can be rather lengthy, but trying to rush it would definitely be a mistake.

Going too quickly will produce such massive mistakes such as not giving enough time for your paint to dry.

Not allowing your paint to dry before painting the next coat will almost always lead in the previous coat coming off on your paint brush, and sometimes even worse.

5. Leaving On The Doors And Drawers

Though it may seem trivial, there’s actually something to be said for removing the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets before you paint the cabinets.

Specifically, by leaving them on you make an obstacle for yourself during the painting process that will be difficult to get around.

Moreover, the painting of the doors is significantly easier if you first remove them — better to paint them while they are flat than when they are hanging up.

6. Choosing Colors Based On Swatches

There are quite a few techniques that people employ to choosing colors for their kitchen cabinets but going based solely on swatches is a mistake.

This is because you can know what a paint color looks like when you are looking at the swatch but that doesn’t mean it’s going to really look like that when you’ve applied it to your cabinets.

Better to get a small sample of the paint and apply it to the cabinet and see how it looks in various light conditions — then you will really know how good the paint will look on your cabinets.

7. Skipping Primer

Though you may be tempted to skip the primer coat on your kitchen cabinets, it’s not a good idea.

Primer is another way for you to ensure the surface of your cabinets are smooth and as well make it so that the paint will stay on the surface of your cabinets longer.

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