Helpful Repainting Kitchen Cabinets in Austin, TX

7 Helpful Ideas For Repainting Kitchen Cabinets in Austin, TX in 2024

When you’re looking to remodel some or all of your home, it’s entirely possible that you could look at your kitchen as one area to improve. While you are in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to think about whether you would rather replace the kitchen cabinets you have or to make the existing cabinets look better by repainting or staining them.

With  this being the case, here are seven helpful ideas for repainting kitchen cabinets in Austin, TX in 2024

1. You Don’t Need To Use Only One Color

It’s a bit of a misconception that some people hold — that if you’re going to be painting your kitchen cabinets, you have to choose only one color. This is not to say that you can just choose any two or three colors at all — the colors do have to look somewhat good together, after all. That said, finding colors that go together can be as simple as using paint color matching sites that will be able to take one color and give you a complementary color.

2. Primer Should Not Be Considered Optional

Primer is one of the important steps in painting your kitchen cabinets. When you prime your kitchen cabinets during the painting process, you know that the paint will go on more smoothly and will last longer.

3. Remove The Doors And Drawers Before You Paint

It might seem like a bit of a hassle but you really should remove the doors and drawers from your kitchen cabinets before you paint them. The reason this is the case is that you first and foremost want to have full access to your cabinets while you are painting them, and this is more difficult while the doors and drawers are attached. Moreover, it is considerably easier to paint these while they are not attached than if they are attached.

4. Sand Before Painting

If you want to make sure that your kitchen cabinets are well painted, you will need to sand the cabinets prior to painting. Sanding is good before painting because you want to have a surface that is as smooth as possible, and sanding is one thing that makes this possible. You don’t need to necessarily do a hard sanding but rather a gentle sanding to get the surface that you are painting to be smooth.

5. Avoid Cheap Paint Brushes

You will sometimes come across lower end paint brushes, perhaps in larger shops that sell a number of kinds of things (and not just paint related things) and decide that you don’t need to spend a lot on your painting supplies. While it is true that you don’t have to buy the most expensive paint brushes, you should also not look at buying the cheapest paint brushes that are out there. The lower end paint brushes tend to have bristles that will more easily come right off of the brush and will make a bigger mess when painting. It is also more difficult in general to paint with the lower end paint brushes.

6. Use The Right Kind Of Paint

There are many kinds of paint in the world of interior and exterior paint and they are not all built equal, as it were. Exterior paints are meant to be used outside for a reason — they have certain protective properties that will have no use on indoor application.

7. Organize Hardware After Removing

After removing the hardware from your kitchen cabinets (you can’t exactly paint with the pulls on, for example) you will need to put it neatly in some sort of temporary storage container so that it does not get misplaced. You can even use some of the plastic take out containers (well cleaned, of course) to store such hardware.

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