Improve Curb Appeal in Austin, TX

7 Ways To Improve Your Curb Appeal in Austin, TX in 2024

When you are looking to sell your house or want to improve your home looks from the outside, you can consider ways in which you can do things to improve your curb appeal.

Curb appeal specifically refers to the way that your home is perceived from the curb, or even when someone is walking or driving near your home — and there are numerous ways to improve it, some which will not cost you that much money but will yield a higher selling price for your home.

With that being the case, here are seven ways to improve your curb appeal in Austin, TX in 2024

1. Replace Your Doormat

The first thing you can do to improve your curb appeal is one of the simplest — replace your doormat. There’s something rather off-putting about looking at a house and seeing a ratty run down doormat sitting there with bits of it fraying off. Moreover, you can even look into getting seasonal doormats with doormats for every holiday — even ones you make for yourselves!

2. Paint Your Home Exterior

A well-painted house is one that looks good from a distance, and if it has been a while since you’ve painted the exterior of your home, you should consider taking it on as a project. Painting your home exterior is one of the more costly and time-consuming projects on this list, but it is well worth it as it will give your home new life as well as boost your curb appeal.

3. Clean Your Home Exterior

If you’re not quite ready to paint the exterior of your home, you can certainly benefit from cleaning it — there are so many things that can cling to your home exterior and make it look worse. If you have the budget for it, consider getting a power washer, which will decrease the time in which the house is cleaned.

4. Expand Your Porch

A porch is a fantastic place for you to spend time when you are home from work, on weekends, etc. It’s even better when the porch is larger — you can invite more people to spend time with you on the porch doing things like having a drink or even playing a board game. Making your porch space larger is a good way to boost your curb appeal and make your home better for your own life.

5. Make A Walkway To Your Front Door

Having a well-built walkway to your front door means that not only do you have a better-looking house overall, but it is safer and neater to get there. After all, walking on a walkway is considerably less likely to get your boots covered in leaves and dirt than if you make the same walk through the grass.

6. Trim Your Trees

Trimming your trees is one way to improve your curb appeal without actually making any significant changes to your home. As people walk near your home, looking up and seeing trees with branches all over the place is not a good look for you. Additionally, trimming your trees is a good way to safeguard your roof as if there are trees adjacent to your home and there is a strong wind, the branches could actually scrape against the roof and cause damage.

7. Make Sure Your Roof Is Clean

Connected to having trimmed trees is having a roof that is clean as well. You can see a roof from the curb depending on how large your house is and how far you are away from the house, but even outside of the realm of curb appeal, it is important to get your roof clean because there are elements that will lead to roof damage over time if left alone. Make time during the year to clean your roof, and your house will ultimately benefit.

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