7 Things To Remember When Painting Your Ceiling in Westlake, TX

7 Things To Remember When Painting Your Ceiling in Westlake, TX

The ceiling is sadly ignored too often in the world of home remodeling — yet it is a wall just like any of the other walls of any given room in your home.

Painting your ceiling is something that can be extremely difficult if you go into it without some good knowledge of how to properly do it.

With this being the case, let us now look at and bear in mind the seven things to remember when painting your ceiling in Westlake, TX.

1. Treat The Painting Of Your Ceiling Like The Full Time Project It Is

There are those who would have you believe that painting a ceiling is an easy thing you can do on the side in a couple of hours, but this is entirely untrue.

Painting the ceiling of any given room takes at least a day, and that’s really if you start early on that particular day.

If you can manage to dedicate a full weekend to it, you’re going to be better off in the long run and your ceiling will look much better as well.

2. Use A Ladder If You Don’t Have A Telescoping Paint Roller

If you don’t have a telescoping paint roller, you’re going to need another way to access the ceiling that is, well, convenient and safe.

One might think that a good way to get you to the ceiling is to build some sort of scaffolding system using planks but it’s entirely a bad plan.

The better way to reach the ceiling is to use a ladder: it is far more portable and as long as you keep to the rungs that are below the next to last one, you will be perfectly safe.

3. Do Not Use A Telescoping Paint Roller That Is The Wrong Size For The Job

Telescoping paint rollers are great if you don’t have access to a ladder and indeed are generally a good idea so long as you use the correct length telescoping handle.

One might think that it doesn’t make much of a difference how long the handle is but it’s quite important in that the more of the telescoping part that is in the handle, the more difficult it is to paint with it.

4. Move The Furniture Out Of The Room Before Painting The Ceiling

It should probably be pretty clear that if you have furniture in the room, there’s a possibility that the paint that drips down from the ceiling will land on that furniture and by removing that furniture, you won’t have to protect it from the paint.

However, the furniture in the room also makes it that much more difficult to navigate the room while you are painting the ceiling, and so by removing the furniture, you make it easier to paint the ceiling.

If for some reason there is furniture that can’t be removed you can also move it to the center of the room and cover it with heavy drop cloths.

5. Your Ceiling Does Not Have To Be Painted White

There are so many colors other than white that you can use for your ceiling.

You don’t have to stick with white just because it’s the most traditional color — you can paint your ceiling just about any color, purple included, and it can make for a really nice ceiling.

6. Make Sure To Use Heavy Drop Cloths For Protecting Everything From Paint

There are many options for things to use to cover the floor and anything that you aren’t able to move out of the room that is being painted but by far the best choice is heavy drop cloths.

Heavy drop cloths out perform other lighter covering material because it doesn’t have the tendency to shift around while you are moving around the room and therefore you won’t get paint everywhere.

7. It Helps To Sand Your Ceiling Prior To Painting It

Sanding the ceiling is probably the last thing you would think of doing but it helps to sand the ceiling before you paint it for many of the same reasons that it helps to sand the walls prior to priming and painting them.

Having a smooth and even surface is key to a good and as easy as possible paint job when it comes to painting your ceiling.

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