5 Painting Ideas for a Children's Play Room in Austin, TX

5 Painting Ideas for a Children’s Play Room in Austin, TX

The children’s playroom is one where much time will be spent playing games, doing fun activities, and even occasionally learning a thing or two about this beautiful thing some call life — more than occasionally, really.

Though it is entirely possible and feasible to have the walls of your children’s playroom to be just a solid color, the idea of painting the walls with some kind of theme might be so much more fun.

As this is the case let us now look at five painting ideas for a children’s playroom in Austin, TX.

1. A Remote Jungle

Imagine a rich jungle full of trees of all sorts and a variety of other plants along with with the occasional animal — perhaps a gorilla, a snake hiding up in a tree, maybe even a lion.

Imagine the joy with which your children will greet the room every time they enter, a room in which gorgeous nature can surround them.

This can work well for you as a parent on nights you want to immerse yourself in a more natural feel without leaving the house on those chilly nights.

2. A Pirate Ship

Kids love to play make believe and one of the common things that kids like to pretend to be is pirates on their pirate ship — so why not paint the walls of the room to look like they are on the deck of a pirate ship?

You can complete the look by changing up the floor in the room to look like the wooden planks of a pirate ship.

3. A Beautiful Castle

Some of the most beloved classic stories read to children both at night and otherwise take place in a lovely castle — stories about a prince that has to overcome the obstacles the story puts in his way or a princess that fights demons to win the heart of her beloved.

The children’s playroom can be painted to look like the interior of a castle, or you could have the walls reflect a country scene with a castle painted to appear as if it is off in the distance.

Either way, the children in the room can spend countless hours pretending that they are characters in a story that took place many years ago in a faraway land with walls that are decorated like this.

4. An Old Western Saloon

Even though children don’t spend nearly as much time watching Western movies as they did sixty years ago, there are still plenty of kids out there pretending to be cowboys just like their parents and grandparents did years earlier.

You can paint the walls of the children’s playroom to look just like an Old Time Western Saloon, complete with a bar on one side and a barkeep serving drinks to his clients and a piano on the other — or you can even find a reasonably priced piano to make the experience complete.

The experience of pretending to be in a Western Saloon is sure to provide your children and their friends many hours of playtime fun.

5. Scenes From Classic Video Games

Children today play with all kinds of video game systems from the PS4 to the Nintendo Switch — but when parents of children growing up were children, video games were more ‘primitive’ (in the eyes of the children of today, anyhow) yet classic characters endure and remain relevant.

You can paint your children’s playroom with various classic video game characters such as Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, the aliens from Space Invaders, and more — and when they invariably ask you who certain older characters are (perhaps Q-Bert?) you can not only tell them but show them thanks to today’s latest reboots on modern consoles.

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