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Preparing For Baby: Nursery Painting Ideas & Tips

Looking for nursery painting ideas? The arrival of a baby is an exciting adventure full of unexpected surprises, unfamiliar territories, and uncounted joy. However, before that happens, some thorough preparation is due, and probably one of the areas that don’t receive enough attention is the baby’s nursery.

We understand that preparing for the new baby can be very costly and time-consuming, not to mention somewhat stressful and overwhelming. But we believe setting up the little nest that your new arrival will be spending most of his/her time in, should be equally given enough attention. So in this article, we want to share a few quick nursery painting and decorating tips. Read on…

Keep the Fumes on the Low

When painting and decorating your baby’s nursery, ensure that the paint used doesn’t contain toxins. Many types of conventional paints give off harmful fumes even after they dry, and some can even harbor bacteria.

To limit the toxins, use a no-VOC or a low-VOC paint for your baby’s nursery These paints have little to no volatile organic compounds that conventional paints release. Additionally, you can get paint formulations that are developed specifically for such delicate situations. Some often have antibacterial additives.

Choose Soft, Tranquil Colors

This is kind of a default preference for most babies and kids’ rooms and play areas. But since a lot has been happening already, and you’re probably a little overwhelmed, this fact might just escape you. So think about using calm, nurturing colors. Once they grow up, they will get their own idea of ‘cool’ colors, but for now, make your best guess based on soft colors that make you feel relaxed.

Choose a Durable Finish

Expect the newly painted walls in your baby’s nursery to be spilled, splattered and stained on, so you’re going to be doing occasional light scrubbing. Eggshell, satin and other high gloss finishes are usually the best choices in the nursery because they’re more “scrubbable” and hence easy to clean. While at it, be sure to stick to high-quality paints that don’t chalk, fade, peel, crack or check prematurely.

How About Lead Paint?

If your home was built anywhere around or before 1978, chances are there is lead on the walls. That is incredibly harmful to your baby, especially when they grow into toddlers and start chewing everything on their way –including flaking wall paint!

Thankfully, a professional eco-painter such as Brush & Color Eco Painting can help you analyze the risk and apply appropriate lead remediation measures. In essence, if your home has lead, you should not disturb the siding material as this will generate toxic dust –harmful for everyone in your household, not just the baby.

Hire a Professional Painter

Your baby’s nursery is probably the most delicate space in your entire home. So if you don’t have the painting skills, tools, and experience, you should consider hiring a painting contractor for help. A pro painter will help you test for lead where necessary, choose the paint brands suitable for a baby nursery and figure out the best color scheme before applying the paint.

Additionally, you will be assured of durable, high-quality and consistent results that you and your little one will enjoy for years to come. If you haven’t identified a suitable painter yet, Brush & Color Eco Painting would love to be your painter of choice.

We offer reliable, durable and eco-friendly nursery and interior painting services using non-toxic paints in Austin TX, Tarrytown TX, Clarksville TX, and Westlake TX. Book a FREE estimate below to get started, or simply call us on (512) 947-0594 if you need any more information.

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