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What is Eco Painting? Austin TX Paint Company Brush & Color Painting

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What is Eco Painting?

Eco Painting is very similar to “normal” painting within the construction and home improvement industries. In fact, eco painting is practically identical to normal painting. The only true difference with eco painting is that we are mindful of the products we use and the waste we leave behind.

We strive to use the safest paints on the market; with the least amount of health hazard, the lowest toxicity levels, as well as the most natural products – while keeping in mind their durability and performance. Sometimes we even have the opportunity to use paints that are health promoting!

One of our major goals is to transform your homes into health promoting eco systems. With products like air purifying paints, and nontoxic lime washes, this can be done!

Eco Painting means that we also practice recycling and reusing materials whenever possible. We use canvas drop cloths that we wash regularly, and reuse plastic during most projects.

We are excited that the painting and construction industries are moving towards a more sustainable mindset, and we hope to inspire and help in any way we can! A sustainable form of plastic protectant, derived from plants would make a huge impact on the waste coming from the painting industry, for example.

Eco Painting is just normal painting, with a mindful, positive attitude towards improving the planet by raising the standards of the painting industry to zero waste, eco sustainable and health promoting!

If you have any questions about eco painting or would like to schedule an estimate, you can book an estimate at brushandcolor.com, it takes less than a minute!

If you need professional help updating your kitchen cabinet, our team at Brush & Color Eco Painting can help. 

We offer interior and cabinet eco-friendly painting services in Austin, TX, Tarrytown TX, Clarksville TX, and Westlake, TX.

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