How To Paint Your Brick Home With Romabio Paint In Tarrytown, TX

How To Paint Your Brick Home With Romabio Paint In Tarrytown, TX

When it comes to painting brick homes, one of the biggest problems is the possibility of water getting trapped under the surface of the paint and causing permanent long term damage to the brick — that brick then ultimately has to be replaced.

It turns out that this paint, which is a mineral-based paint made with high-quality ingredients, allows for moisture to be released which finally defeats this ugly problem.

This means that you won’t see any peeling and cracking of the paint in the long run, and overall the paint quality is just much higher than the other kinds of paint you will find for painting exterior brick.

As this is so, let us look at how to paint your brick home with romabio paint in Tarrytown, TX.

No Primer Needed

The rule to follow when painting, generally speaking, is that you always need to use a primer before you put on your coat or coats of paint.

This is not the case with Romabio, which just doesn’t need that layer of primer beforehand.

Though it probably doesn’t seem like much of a bit deal, it actually is pretty significant in terms of how much time you will save in the painting process by the fact that you don’t have to do a primer coat first.

Low Maintenance

Another one of the benefits of using this paint is that you are looking at a sort of paint that is low maintenance over the life of the exterior paint job.

This low maintenance quality comes from a few factors — the fact that the paint is UV resistant, mold resistant, as well as the fact that the paint itself is quite durable compared to some of its other comparable paints that are used for painting brick exteriors.

Many Color Choices

You’re going to have a fairly wide variety of color choices when you’re looking at this paint as your go-to for brick exterior painting.

Moreover, you will be able to tint just about any of the paints that you get to almost any color that you would want to choose, with some exceptions.

Generally speaking, it is difficult to achieve too dark of color when you have mineral paints, so this is not something that is specific.

The other issue with darker colors in the world of mineral paints is that they are more prone to fading, and Romabio wants to stick by a twenty-year warranty with their paints — and this is one way they do that.

The two kinds of paint that you will be able to find are called Masonry Flat and Masonry Textured, each of which has a durable finish and can be tinted.

Using Paint from Romabio

As stated above, when using this paint on your brick exterior surfaces you will not need to use primer first.

In terms of application you will be able to paint using either a masonry paintbrush, a sprayer, or even a paint roller — what works for you really depends on what you find to be easiest as well as, of course, what you might have on hand in terms of equipment.

It is important that you dampen the surface of the brick prior to painting regardless of what method you use to paint it.

It is strongly suggested that you do two coats of paint and of course imperative that you allow the first coat of paint to dry prior to applying the second coat.

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