Maintaining Your New Exterior Paint Job in Clarksville, TX

Maintaining Your New Exterior Paint Job in Clarksville, TX

When you paint the exterior of your home, you ideally want to make sure that the exterior keeps the good look that it has as long as you can.

There are things you can do to help to keep it looking as new as possible in the time that passes in between paint jobs, and if you know about and do some of them, you will be better off.

With that in mind, here are some tips for maintaining your new exterior paint job in Clarksville, TX.

1. Treat Mildew or Mold

Mildew and Mold are rather unsightly and are not something that you want on the exterior of your house.

During the semi-regular perimeter checks of your house, you can have a lookout for both mildew and mold and if you find any, you can either get a good contractor to take care of it or make a formula that will allow you to clean it yourself.

With a ratio of about one part bleach to three parts water, you can spray the area after protecting your plants and making sure to wear eye/skin protection as well as some kind of respirator (it’s a strong formula!) and spray the affected area.

Allow it to soak for fifteen minutes and then thoroughly rinse it.

2. Cracking And Peeling Paint.

Another thing you want to look out for when you’re inspecting the home will be cracking and peeling paint, which should be fairly easy to spot.

Cracks will be something that you might see nearby your doors, trim, as well as your windows — fill them with quality caulking compound.

When you see peeling paint, you should be able to easily scrape and sand any sort of loose material that you see and then subsequently prime and paint to make sure it looks best.

3. Dirt And Chalky Pigment

Both of these things are really bad for the exterior of your home as leaving them on for too long can often lead to the buildup of mildew on your home exterior, which is much more difficult to treat than simple dirt and chalky pigment.

The way that you treat these is to remove them either by scrubbing them off or power washing your exterior, the latter of which is significantly faster but quite a bit costlier and more difficult to do yourself.

Ideally, if you are scrubbing the exterior of your home you are going to want to use a detergent and a brush that is meant for scrubbing, and then rinse the exterior of your home.

Power washing, on the other hand, as long as you are careful with it can be done about once or twice a year — and you have to make sure that you aren’t getting any of the paint off of the surface of your house or you will make a costlier thing than is worth doing in the first place.

In between washings, it would be beneficial to rinse your overhangs about once a year to get rid of the salts that accumulate over time that just don’t get cleaned by rain.

4. Considering How Often You Will Be Doing Maintenance

The length of time that paint will last on your exterior really depends on what kind of material is used on the exterior of your home.

If you have wood siding, for example, you can expect that you will be repainting the exterior of your home more frequently than somebody who has stucco.

It is also noteworthy that if you live in a place with a milder climate, you will have a longer life for your exterior paint job than somebody who lives in a harsher climate.

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