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5 Tips and Tricks To Using Romabio Limewash On Your Exterior in Austin, TX in 2020

When you have a brick or stone exterior, you can sometime long for a change of color — to really mix up the appearance of the exterior of your home, so to speak.

One thing you can do for enhancing the exterior of your brick or stone exterior is to apply limewash — but it’s well worth having some good advice on your side as you go to do it as you shouldn’t just start a limewash painting project without knowing how to do it properly first.

Limewash is considered among the easier ways to change the color of your stone or brick exterior.

With that being the case, here are five tips and tricks to using Romabio on your exterior in Austin, TX in 2020

1. Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

For the people who want to believe that any painting project is just like any other, they may be shocked to find out that painting a brick exterior or a stone exterior is unlike painting other surfaces.

For one, you don’t use the same kind of brush that you would use to paint other exterior surfaces — there are specific brushes that are more suitable for brick and stone exteriors, known as masonry brushes.

You could also benefit from having chip brushes for your limewash painting project — chip brushes are notably different from traditional brushes in that they are generally meant to be only used once.

You will also want to have to have a good buckets available for mixing up the limewash as well as a stirring stick with which you will be able to mix it.

2. Dilute According To The Instructions

The first thing that you should know is that limewash paint from Romabio actually does need to get diluted — unlike your traditional paints, dilution is part of the painting process.

Different limewashes will come with their own dilution steps — but you should know the effect that dilution has on the limewash paint.

The more you dilute the paint, the more the stone or brick will show through — so for those who still want to get a sense of the surface of their home, a little more dilution is okay.

3. Only One Coat, Please

The standard painting advice is to apply a paint of coat, allow time for that coat of paint to dry, and then to apply a second coat of paint.

You may already know it from reading the side of your paint can, but when you’re painting with Romabio you only need one coat of paint.

Though in theory you probably could get away with applying a second coat of the limewash paint, it likely will not add any benefit to the brick or stone exterior.

4. Moisten First

Here is another way in which painting with limewash differs from using other kinds of paint.

With traditional painting of any given surface, it is strongly cautioned that one must not allow the surface to get wet prior to painting, lest the paint work be compromised and in many cases cause extreme issues that would later have to be corrected.

Limewash, on the other hand, actually needs you to moisten the surface prior to your applying it — and you need to be careful when you are painting because depending on the temperature outside when you are painting, the surface you are getting ready to paint may be dry by the time you get to it.

This is why it is recommended you have a spray bottle with water — you can moisten surfaces that are in need of it prior to painting that particular area.

5. It Can Be Removed Within A Few Days

If you paint your exterior and realize that, much to your disappointment, the color is not at all what you thought it would be — fret not.

True, it’s unpleasant to have to go through all that painting only to have to remove it, but it can be done with a simple powerwashing — so long as you get to it within five or so days of painting.

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