2021-03-09 Brush And Color Eco Painting Austin TX Romabio Mineral Colors To Use

7 Romabio Mineral Paint Colors To Use

There is much that can be learned about painting the exterior of your home with the wonderful Romabio Mineral paint, and in the course of your learning you can of course explore the many colors that you can use during the process of the exterior paint work.

Though of course there are many colors that you can choose for painting the exterior of your home, you will inevitably find that one or two stand out above others but to really choose well, it’s good to know from what you might be selecting.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven Romabio mineral paint colors to use in Austin, TX in 2021.

1. So Succulent

When you look at the color So Succulent, you might think just from the name that you’re going to be looking at a paint color that is inspired by the plant (the succulent) and since the color is largely khaki green in nature, you would be completely correct.

The So Succulent color is soft and subtle and yet complicated at the same time and can make for a really nice exterior paint color if you like the colors that you can find in nature.

2. Made Me Blush

The name of the color Made Me Blush is not going to be any indication of what kind of color it is, but you may not be surprised to find out that it is a really nice shade of pink.

Of course you might want to reply that you can’t possibly paint the exterior of your mason home with a pink mineral paint, but I will say back to you why not?

Pink is actually a really nice color as far as mineral paint colors go, and you can rest assured that it is not over the top house of dreams so to speak but rather a more subtle pink that you can be proud to live in.

3. Forever Evergreen

It should be fairly obvious what the color Forever Evergreen is from the name, but in case it is not you should know that it is a gorgeous mineral paint that takes on the characteristics of an evergreen tree.

It’s nice in that you can appreciate the green and can perhaps even consider the relation to nature that it has.

4. Classic Navy

There’s a good reason that this color is called Classic Navy and that is because, indeed, it is one of the most classic colors that people use to paint the exterior of their homes (and in some cases, the interior.)

Navy is a bold color for your home exterior and can make your home stand out a bit, which is often a good thing.

5. Silver Lining

Silver lining mineral paint has the appearance of a nice platinum. It’s quite a bit like silver, like the name implies, but is more of a rich silver.

6. Fog Machine

A fog machine is a bit more of a gray color, with a good amount of depth as it were.

One can really appreciate a color like Fog Machine but if you’re not fond of darker colors, you might not necessarily want Fog Machine and prefer a color that is a bit more exciting as it were like the Classic Navy or even the Forever Evergreen.

7. River City

Lastly, we are going to look at the color River City, which is a bit confusing as far as naming goes but it’s a combination between gray and blue. What’s nice about River City is that it perks up the gray with the addition of blue.

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