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7 Tips For Painting Your Iron Fence

When you’re looking at improving your home exterior, you have a number of options available to you — but a good solid iron fence can make the exterior look significantly better. Additionally, an iron fence will help to set boundaries around the perimeter of your home — one that might have improved aesthetics if you choose to paint it — but doing so can be a bit difficult.

Let’s now look at and consider seven tips for painting your iron fence in Austin, TX in 2021

1. Being Prepared Is Fundamental

The first thing you should know about painting your iron fence is that it is far better to be well prepared for the paining project beforehand than to find out what you need as you go along. This is because if you start the painting project with no plan, you’ll discover things that you will need but do not have and then have to take the time to go to various stores to gather the necessary materials. By having all of these things prepared beforehand, you’re going to have a painting project that will take significantly less and may even cost you less as you won’t be running to the first closest place to sell the thing you are looking to buy.

2. Check The Weather First

In painting an iron fence, you should make sure that the weather is going to be friendly to you, and by this we mean that it should be dry and perhaps overcast, but certainly not raining. A rainy day is not going to be beneficial to your iron fence painting project so if you see rain in the forecast it’s a good idea put off the painting until you no longer see rain in the forecast.

3. Clean The Area Before Painting

Before you even lift the brush for the first time, you’re going to want to take the time to clean the area around the fence to remove any debris that could be near it. This is going to be useful because while you are painting, you won’t want to have this debris in the vicinity of the fence as it might well find itself into the paintwork.

4. Protect The Ground And Plants

In the process of painting your iron fence, it’s important that you ensure the safety of the ground and the plants nearby. One of the best ways that you can do this is to get some plastic covering and after lightly misting the plants, cover them for the duration of the painting project.

5. Use The Right Kind Of Paint

You have to be particularly careful with choosing paint for your iron fence painting project for not all paints are going to be suitable for painting it. In particular, it’s important that you choose a paint that is meant to prevent rust so that you aren’t going to have to contend with rust — or it may just delay the onset of rust, which is certainly better than allowing it to come onto your fence soon after painting it.

6. Be Careful With Rust Removal

Speaking of rust, you should make the effort to remove any rust that may be on the surface of your iron fence prior to painting it. Though this is likely understandable, you should not forget to do this because in painting if you attempt to paint over a rusted surface you’re going to end up with a painted rusted fence.

7. Sand And Then Paint

Lastly, if you really want to have a well painted fence you have to start with a fence that is smooth. To ensure the smooth surface, you should take the time to sand the surface well enough — and you will know when the surface is smooth from the touch.

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