2022-07-23 Brush and Color Eco Painting Driftwood TX Bathroom Cabinet Painting Prep

Bathroom Cabinet Painting Preparation in Driftwood, TX in 2022

You may be well aware of the importance of having your bathroom look nice, and how well painted cabinets can make the difference between an okay bathroom and one that looks fantastic.

A well painted bathroom cabinet starts with being prepared for the painting work that is to be done but it is well worth doing.

Let’s have a look at some tips for bathroom cabinet painting preparation to help you have a nicer looking set of bathroom cabinets in 2022.

1. Search For Mold

A fundamentally important part of getting ready to paint your bathroom cabinets is to check the bathroom for mold and mildew.

There are a few things that can really wreck a well painted set of bathroom cabinets, and the presence of mold is one of them — not only bad for the look of your cabinets but for the health of the people that use it as well.

For this reason, you should make sure to take time to thoroughly search for any signs of mold or mildew and if you find them, to clean them out and then to allow time to allow your cabinet surfaces to dry before moving on.

2. Lay Down Tarp / Drop Cloth

It’s likely quite evident that any cabinet painting project upon which you embark is going to be messy, and the time that you will have to cleaning afterward could be quite significant.

You can help to prevent some of this mess from happening by putting down some drop cloth or even tarp (so long as it is resistant to paint) before you start the painting project — this will ensure that the paint that may drip down from the cabinets will not end up on the floor, where it will be considerably more difficult to clean.

By laying down the drop cloth first, you’ll ensure that all you have to do after you finish painting and allowing your cabinets to dry is to remove the drop cloth and find that you have a nice and neat floor.

3. Remove The Drawers And Doors

An important part of preparing to paint your bathroom cabinets involves removing the drawers and doors – this is going to be important for a couple of fundamental reasons.

One is that it is easier to access the rest of your cabinets in terms of painting when you have the doors and drawers removed and the second thing is that you will better paint said parts when they are removed.

It’s important that you are careful to label these doors and drawers in some manner so that you will know how to return them to the correct places (they are not necessarily interchangeable) and this could be with labels and a key, for example.

4. Remove The Hardware

The hardware on your bathroom cabinets is good for doing things like opening the cabinets as well as the drawer, but when it comes to painting them you will want to make sure to remove the hardware.

Though of course you could just as easily try to use painter’s tape to cover the hardware on your cabinets, it’s quite. a lot easier to remove the hardware first — and it could even be a good opportunity to think about getting different hardware for the cabinets, but it’s certainly a lot easier to pull your paintbrush across the face of your cabinet doors without hardware.

Remember to carefully put your hardware aside in a well marked container so that you aren’t going to have any trouble locating it after you have finished painting your cabinets and it is time to put the hardware back on.

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