Should I Paint the Insides of My Cabinets?

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If you’re looking to transform your kitchen without the cost and disruption of a full remodel, a great option to consider is to paint your cabinets.

A common question or consideration is should I paint the insides of my cabinets in Austin TX?

If you consider the amount of time you have your cabinets open, which is roughly 1-2% of the time, (unless you forget to close the doors as I do!) you could save a substantial amount of money by NOT having the insides painted. 

Painting the insides of cabinets is, as you could imagine, a lot of extra prep work, sanding, cleaning, spraying and hand painting, which could add a great deal to the bottom line, for something that receives a very small amount of attention.

So, consider this when getting a professional to paint your cabinets in Austin, TX!

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about your next cabinet painting or interior painting project!

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