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5 Signs It’s Time For Home Interior Repainting

Wondering when you should plan for interior repainting for your home? Well, chances are you already know the benefits of hiring a professional painter like Brush & Color Painting for interior repainting in Austin TX. Interior residential painting protects your walls against the water damage, minimizes repair expenses down the line, restores the good looks of your interior and boosts the overall value of your home.

That being said, how do you know it’s time to repaint the interior of your home? Many homeowners in Austin, Texas, face this challenge and end up either waiting for too long before repainting or repainting too soon, too often. If you’re in a similar dilemma, here are some sure signs it’s time to have your home’s interior repainted:

1) Paint Chalking and Interior Repainting

This is one of the earliest signs of interior paint failure. Chalking occurs as a result of the breakdown of paint into fine chalk particles that either fall off or get deposited on the siding surface. Chalking happens due to the use of low-quality paint, UV rays and poor painting methods. To detect chalking, run a finger on your siding, if it leaves fine chalk deposit on your finger, your paint system is failing –and you need a new paint job.

2) Paint Color Fading

This is another common early sign of paint failure. Your paint color is what keeps your house looking great and complements your interior décor. However, fading paint color can quickly make your house look old, tired and neglected. While you don’t have to repaint your entire interior at the earliest sign of color fading, waiting for too long can make your home look deteriorated and unattractive. Updating your house with a bold, sharp paint job can give it an instant facelift.

3) Paint Cracking and Peeling

Peeling and Paint cracking is an advanced sign of paint failure and a cue for you to immediately call your favorite painting contractor in Austin TX. Paint cracking often exposes your bare siding to damaging elements such a humidity, UV rays, and even bugs.

If moisture gets in contact with your exposed siding, you can expect rotted wood, water stains, organic growth and more paint failure –which is why paint cracking and peeling should be addressed immediately. Premature paint peeling and cracking are often caused by poor surface preparation, painting on wet surfaces, skipping the primer and using low-quality paints.

4) Paint Blistering

Paint bubbling/blistering is essentially the formation for bubbles under the paint film. This is often caused when trapped moisture or air bubbles under the paint film gets heated and tries to escape, raising the paint film with it. Moisture can be trapped under the paint film due to painting on a wet surface, painting during highly humid conditions or painting on a substrate that is partially dry. A few bubbles here and there can be touched up, however, when the blistering is extensive, only a new interior repaint can help.

5) Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are fungi that often grow on damp walls and other surfaces. They favor high moisture areas and can be characterized by greyish, green spores on the surface. Professional painting contractors use specialized tools and cleaning solutions to treat the fungi before repainting.

The Bottom Line

The above are five main signs that your home’s interior needs repainting. Other than that, if it has been too long (over five years) since you last repainted your interior, you should consider a repaint. If you need any professional assistance with repainting your home, Brush & Color Painting can help.

We offer interior and cabinet eco-friendly painting services in Austin TX, Tarrytown TX, Clarksville TX, and Westlake TX. Book a free estimate below to get started, or simply call us (512) 947-0594 if you need any more information.

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