Should I Paint Before or After Flooring is Installed

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Hi, I’m Nicholas Painter, of Brush & Color Painting. Home of the 3 year warranty on all painting projects!

I’m a residential painting contractor in Austin, TX.

We suggest that painting happens last. This will allow us to prep and paint any replacement baseboard pieces or new shoe molding that is being installed. 

If you have other remodeling plans as well, it is always best to expect the painter to come last.

We will protect all new flooring with durable floor protectants, and use the proper tape on delicate wood floors, to ensure no paint gets on there and that no residue is left behind. We will then use our step by step process to prep and apply the paints.

Painting is literally the icing on the cake that is your home.

We use the best tasting and safest icing…PAINT… to protect your surfaces in your home. 

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this video, and if you would like to meet and discuss your next painting project, why don’t you book an estimate at It takes less than a minute!

I’m Nicholas Painter of Brush & Color Painting.

It’s a great day!

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