When Should I Paint My Ceilings in Austin TX?

When Should I Paint My Ceilings in Austin, TX?

It’s a great day! Hi, I’m Nicholas Painter of Brush & Color Painting. Home of the 3 year warranty on all painting projects! I’m a residential paint contractor.

Hey Nick! When should I paint my ceilings?

If you’re in the market for a paint job, and you don’t know whether or not to paint your ceilings, consider this tip…

  • If there is two different colors on the wall and the ceiling
  • And you can see the wall color on the ceiling
  • You should consider painting your ceiling
  • Especially if you’re doing a color change!
  • Because we would have to paint over the previous color with the new color, and go even further onto the ceiling!
  • This will make us look like bad painters
  • It will also annoy you, consciously or subconsciously

So, if you have any questions regarding your ceiling, or any painting project, interior especially…

Why don’t you book an estimate at brushandcolor.com?

It takes less than a minute!

I’m Nicholas Painter of Brush & Color Painting, it’s a great day!

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