Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Family First Chiropractic

Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Family First Chiropractic Hello, and welcome to today’s Community Spotlight. Where I introduce you to local businesses that I know and trust. I’m Nicholas Painter, your host. And today I’m here with Doctor Shultz of Family First Chiropractic. Hello doctor. Doctor Shultz: Hey, how are you?  Nicholas: Hey Doctor Shultz, how did you get into the chiropractic practice?  Doctor Shultz: Well, I wanted to help people. That was my main thing. And I had already spent a great deal of my life studying movement and dance and those kinds of things. And so I was really interested in how movement could assist people. And found my way into chiropractic, when I finally realized that, “Oh, it’s proper motion of the spine, can help people get out of pain and live better lives. It’s the perfect match.” Nicholas: Wow, amazing. I’ve got to sit up straight. Doctor Shultz, what’s 1 thing everybody should know before seeing a chiropractor?  Doctor Shultz: Okay, I’ll give you 2. The first thing you should know is that everyone needs to see a chiropractor. It’s much like dentistry, right? We all go into the dentist a few times a year, even if there’s nothing going on – just to check, right? We want those teeth to last a lifetime. Same with your spine. Go have your spine checked if you’ve never done that. Go do it. The second thing you need to know is, the health of your spine directly correlates to health of your nervous system.  That’s what chiropractic’s about. If your nervous system’s not working well, folks – then you as a whole person aren’t really working as well as you can. And I don’t want to leave potential under the table. So when we get your spine moving well and healed and whole, your nervous system’s work well – all kinds of things happen in the body. Nicholas: Wow.  Doctor Shultz: Yeah. Nicholas: Amazing. Thank you. Doctor Shultz, what’s– What makes Family First Chiropractic unique?  Doctor Shultz: Well we take a whole look at the person, not just your spine. I mean that’s obviously where we’re going to do the bulk of our work. However, if I don’t treat Nicholas, then I have missed the mark here. So I spend a bit of time with my patients. I like to listen to you, I like to talk about other things that are going on in your life. I do a lot of health coaching kind of work in addition to what we’re going to work on with your spine and your posture and those kinds of things. To make sure that you’re doing everything you can to support the health of your whole body.  Nicholas: Wow. What’s your favorite song, Doctor Shultz.  Doctor Shultz: I would probably have to say, “Black,” by Pearl Jam.  Nicholas: Nice.  Doctor Shultz: I’m a kid of the ’90’s, and so that– Nicholas: Very cool.Doctor Shultz: That “Ten” album still resonates pretty hard with me. Nicholas: Yeah. Doctor Shultz: Yeah. Nicholas: Very cool. What’s the best way for people to reach you? Doctor Shultz: Best way is to just give us a call. 737-222-6014. I’ve got Felicia up in the front answering the phones. She’ll walk you through the process. We’re going to make it real simple and painless for you.Nicholas: Nice. What was that phone number one more time?  Doctor Shultz: 737-222-6014. Nicholas: Very nice, thank you Doctor Shultz. Family First Chiropractic. I’m Nicholas Painter, your host. This has been another Community Spotlight, where I introduce you to local businesses that I know and trust. Take care.

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