Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Let’s Booth It! Hello, and welcome to today’s Community Spotlight. Where I introduce you to local companies that I know and trust. I’m Nicholas Painter, your host. Today we’re here with Branden Weber III. Hi Branden. Branden: Hi Nick.  Nicholas: Branden does photo booths for parties. Branden, how did you get into the photo booth business?  Branden: That’s a good question. I first started with photography and I ended up finding this company on Craigslist. I was just looking to make some extra money. And turns out that they had one photo booth in Georgetown, and they’re looking to expand. But their current “market leader,” is what they called it – was actually about to leave the country. And he was doing defense contracting, and so they said, “We’re sorry, I don’t know if we have an opportunity for you in that market.”  And I was like, “I’ve got an entrepreneurial background, what does it take? I mean I could help you expand this or run it or something.” And after a 30 minute conversation – the owner of the company decided he was going to fly down to Austin from Nashville, and personally move everything over to me, show me how to run things – and we were just going to go from there. And so–  Nicholas: Yeah. Branden: In a year’s time, we ended up going from just Austin to all major cities in the state of Texas.  Nicholas: Wow.  Branden: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. And we’ve made it happen since then, yeah.  Nicholas: Incredible. Very cool. Hey Branden, what’s one thing somebody should know before renting a photo booth for maybe a – say a wedding?  Branden: It’s good, it’s a really good question. Well, one of the things that we get a lot is people go, “Oh you do photo booths, let’s get a photo booth.” And they just – they know what they want, which is good. I mean, that’s why they’re calling. But there are so many options for your party, there’s so many options that it’s cool to go, “Okay, so you’re considering a photo booth. Have you thought of A? Have you thought of B? Have you thought of social sharing? So where you could have people do their photos, and it prints out. But also, they can share it to their Facebook or Twitter or something like that. It’s between that, it’s between that – and I had something else in mind, but I guess we’ll revisit it later.  Nicholas: Very cool.  Branden: Yeah. Nicholas: So a little consultation.  Branden: For sure, for sure.  Nicholas: Nice. What makes your photo booth company unique?  Branden: What makes us unique? Oh man. A number of things. But if I had to drill it down to one thing, it’s the fact that we work with business owners around the world.  Nicholas: Wow. Branden: And so we have actually a graphic design company that we helped get started and grow in the Philippines, a couple of ladies that design almost all of our artwork and all of our strips for each event.  Nicholas: Wow. Branden: Because they’re all custom. Nicholas: Wow.  Branden: And they get to work with our clientele to actually create that experience. It’s between that and one of our guys in Pakistan. I know, Pakistan. Nicholas: Wow.  Branden: Who, through our display of respect, of dignity, and our sharing of our American values – he has learned to not only trust us, but value what we stand for – and potentially be excited to move his family to America.  Nicholas: Wow.  Branden: Just being a good neighbor, just being a good steward of what we’re all about, so–  Nicholas: Yeah.  Branden: So, amazing. Those are a couple of things that make us unique. Nicholas: Very cool. Thank you Branden.  Branden: Yeah. Nicholas: Hey Branden, what’s your favorite song?  Branden: What’s my favorite song? Oh man. If I had to choose, probably Frank Sinatra, “Fly Me To The Moon.”  Nicholas: Nice. Great song.  Branden: Yeah, I would say.  Nicholas: What’s the best way for somebody to reach you if they’re interested in getting a photo booth?  Branden: They’re interested in getting a photo booth, I’d recommend getting a hold of the team. I recommend– Nicholas: 04:41 ?. Branden: Either through the website or through our number, giving us a call.  Nicholas: Okay. Branden: Because we’ve got a dynamite line of individuals that handle that stuff. I mostly handle operations here in Texas. So we’ve got our headquarters that handles a lot of the sales and operations.  Nicholas: Very cool. And what is your website?  Branden: Website is  Nicholas: Branden: Yeah, and if you wouldn’t mind, you could even link it on the website.  Nicholas: We’ll link it in the show notes.  Branden: If I made a little hand sign right here, I think you can do like a box in the video or something. That would be fun. That’d be funny, yeah. Nicholas: Yes. And what’s your phone number?  Branden: I don’t know it off the top of my head, but mine personally?  Nicholas: Yes. Branden: 512-963-8700. So any questions, feel free to call. It’s not our main sales number, but I’m happy to get you coordinated and get you what you need.  Nicholas: Fantastic, thank you Branden.  Branden: Absolutely.  Nicholas: This is Nicholas Painter at Community Spotlight. Have a great day. Branden: Thank you.

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