Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Matias of Cabinet Kingdom

Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Matias of Cabinet Kingdom Hello, and welcome to today’s Community Spotlight of Austin, Texas. Where I interview local businesses that I know and trust, to introduce them to you. Please excuse the background noise. Hi, I’m Nicholas Painter, your host and today we are here with Matias of Cabinet Kingdom.  Matias: Good morning.  Nicholas: Hi Matias.  Matias: Nice.  Nicholas: Hi Matias, how did you get into the cabinet business?  Matias: Well after moving to Austin, I was looking for something to do myself. Something different to do, and something that combined different things I like. And at the beginning I started working for a company, cabinet company who was in need of improving their processes, cabinet processes. So I have a little bit of background in product management. So my first job there was an operations manager, and I was in charge of really revamping the whole processes after the sale was made.  I liked that part, but then I decided to – if I want to do something like that, why not do it on my own? I would like having a business, and cabinets is something that kind of combines a couple of things I like. Like it’s optimization of internal spaces. And I was involved in real estate, so that was something, a center of focus,people is lookingto buy a new house. So I decided to go ahead and start my own business here.  Nicholas: Fantastic. Thank you Matias. What’s one thing everybody should know before getting new cabinets?  Matias: Well it seems very easy on the surface, but it’s a complicated process. Because checking the cabinets, all cabinets seems to be very simple. The home owner needs to take into consideration, what do they want in their future kitchen?  Nicholas: What do you want in your future kitchen?  Matias: Yes. I always ask them to analyze what they like in the current kitchen they have, what they don’t like. And then I come in.because they would like to anew design, before they’ve even hireda cabinet professional. Nicholas: Ah. Matias: They have to find somebody that really enjoys what they do, because anybody can sell cabinets, but not everybody really enjoys and understands the whole process. So once I get to know what they would like to see in the kitchen, that helps me to prepare the design. Trying to integrate all those different aspects. At the same time, I’m very prepared to give them suggestions about what can work better, why.So you know everything in the future. It’s not for me just, “Here are the cabinets,” and that’s it. I see myself living and working in that space and taking like this official and the best possible design I can come up with. Nicholas: Fantastic. So draw out your dream kitchen cabinets, make a list, he’ll go from there.  Matias: That’s right.  Nicholas: Fantastic. What’s unique about Cabinet Kingdom, Matias?   Matias: Well I take a lot of pride in my job. I take a lot of pride on the name of my company, my own personal reputation. I’m very invested in a small company, right now, I’m very invested in every single clientwe have. Even if it’s a– One of my people working around me, taking cabinet consultation. So we take a lot of pride on every single step. Since their email, meeting with the customer – potential customer, their design, estimation, delivering. And we’ll work very, very close with every single– Every other element that is going to be related to all that. With that, I’m talking – plumbers, installers.  Nicholas: Oh okay. Matias: Construction guy that is taking care of all the related to the kitchen or the bathroom. So work very close. It’s my job as to make sure the job was delivered. My job ends once the kitchen and the project is done. If there is something that is needed and I need to be there, I need to get the form ? somebody ?, I’m very happy to do that. I take a lot of pride – like I said, in my job. And I’m very happy with my customers and then build the kitchen to find out problems is there.  Nicholas: Fantastic. Hey Matias, what’s your favorite book?  Matias: Well I will say, the Dictionary.  Nicholas: The Dictionary. Nice.  Matias: Yeah. One reason is because everything you need to know is there. Second is -as being English, my second language – sometimes it’s my best friend. Trying to find — Nicholas: Ah–  Matias: Ahhh where I need to — I need, what I’m looking for to convey the right idea.  Nicholas: Yes. Matias: So it is one of my favorites. But in a different kind of book, something I really like is science fiction and things like that. There was a book, “The Singularity Is Near.” And I found it very interesting, because it’s talking aboutthe technology developments and for, flys were approaching different ethics. Once we restart certain goals. So it’s pretty interesting. It’s a big book, around 650 something pages, so– Nicholas: Oh.  Matias: It is pretty interesting, and I recommend it.  Nicholas: What is it called again?  Matias: “The Singularity Is Near.”  Nicholas: “The Singularity Is Near?” Matias: Correct.  Nicholas: Very cool. What is your first language?  Matias: Spanish.  Nicholas: Spanish. Beautiful. Thank you Matias: Matias: Oh appreciate it.  Nicholas: This has been another Community Spotlight, where I introduce you to local businesses that I know and trust. I’m your host Nicholas Painter, have a great day.  Matias: Thank you.

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