Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Gregory Carlson Keller Williams Realtor

Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Gregory Carlson, Keller-Williams Realtor

Community Spotlight Austin, Tx. Real Estate Agent Gregory Carlson of Keller Williams

Nicholas: Hello and welcome to today’s Community Spotlight, where I interview local companies that I know and trust. I’m your host Nicholas Painter. Today we’re here with Greg Carlson of Keller Williams Realty. Hi Greg. Greg: What’s up, Nick?Nicholas: Welcome. How did you get into the real estate business?Greg: Wow, you really want to know? Okay, I’ll tell you. So when I was probably 23 or 24 I got out of the military and into college. And when I was in college, I started reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki that talked about investing, right? I think was called, “The Cash Flow Quadrant,” to be specific. So I was reading this great book, and it was getting me all fired up. And it was like, “You need to be either a business owner or an investor.” And I was like, alright, let’s do it. Sounds great.” So I thought to myself, “What am I going to invest in? I don’t really know much about stocks, bonds or anything like that. What else? Stocks– Oh you can invest in businesses. I don’t really know about that either, and I don’t have a lump sum of cash to go say, “Here – start your business, give me a return on investment.” So what did I think? I thought real estate. Because you can work and earn while you work, and learn. So folks, when it became time to make those investments, I know what I’m doing. And that’s coming at you next year, I can’t wait to make my first investment.Nicholas: Wow fantastic.Greg: So here we are today. What do you think about that?Nicholas: Thank you for your service, Greg.Greg: Oh thanks for your support.Nicholas: What’s one thing everybody should know about working with a realtor when buying their home?Greg: Okay, one thing to really take note of when working with a real estate agent is – as simple as it sounds, how fast do they respond to your texts, your phone calls, and your emails, okay? Because that means that they’re working around the clock for you.Nicholas: Ah. Greg: They’re in the game, they’re ready for action at all times, okay? You don’t have some curbside realtor that just does it part time – even though there’s no such thing as part time real estate, if you ask me, okay? So that’s just a little, little cue to pay attention to when working with an agent. That answer your question?Nicholas: Yes.Greg: Great. 
Nicholas: So what’s unique about working with Greg Carlson?Greg: Wow, okay – great question. Right out of high school, I went in a Navy SEAL training – which is known to be the most intense military training in the entire world, right? And needless to say, it really set my bar high for pushing myself and for attaining high level standards. So I took that training. I didn’t become a SEAL by the way, because I got hurt. But I took that– What would you call it? Mindset. Nicholas: Mindset.Greg: And applied it to everything I do now. I wasn’t great at school, in high school. I was like pretty, pretty poor grades. After the military, I was on the Dean’s List every semester.Nicholas: Wow.Greg: Right? So that just goes to show what you focus on expands your?03:19today.Nicholas: Wow, very cool.Greg: Thanks Nick. Nicholas: Thank you Greg. Hey Greg, what’s your favorite book?Greg: Oh, “4-Hour Workweek,” Tim Ferriss. Favorite book, all-time.Nicholas: Nice.Greg: I, yeah, yeah– Any other questions on that one?Nicholas: No, that’s a great answer. Thank you. What’s the best way for people to reach you, Greg?Greg: Cellphone. Call me anytime. If it’s late at night and I’m sleeping, I’ll call you back in the morning.Nicholas: Nice.Greg: 100%, let’s make it happen.Nicholas: You want to share you a number with our–?Greg: Yeah, 512-840-9502. Ready, one more time – 512-840-9502. You know why I said it twice? Because in this book I read, “Fanatical Prospecting,” he says when you leave your voicemail you’ve got to say your phone number twice. Nicholas: Ah, that’s a great tip. Thank you Greg. This has been another Community Spotlight where I interview companies that I know and trust. I’m your host Nicholas Painter, thanks for watching.

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