Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Nancy K Insurance Agency

Community Spotlight of Austin, TX – Nancy Kuznieski of Nancy K Insurance Agency

Community Spotlight Austin, TX. Nancy Kuznieski of Nancy K Insurance Agency

Nicholas: Hello and welcome to today’s Community Spotlight, where I interview localcompanies that I know and trust. I’m Nicolas Painter, and today we’re here with Nancy Kay of Nancy Kay Insurance.Nancy: Hi.Nicholas: Hi Nancy.Nancy: Thank you for having me Nick, I appreciate it.Nicholas: Thanks for being here, welcome.Nancy: Thank you.Nicholas: How did you get into the insurance business?Nancy: Well my husband and I were in a different business years ago, and the President of the company had a brother who was a Farmers Insurance agent. And every year we went snow skiing with a group of people, and his brother Robert kept after me year in and year out, “You would be great as a Farmer’s Agent. You would be great as a Farmer’s Agent.” And so finally I decided I would take him up on that. Investigated it, got accepted by the company – and launched a business from scratch and built it up.Nicholas: Wow. Very cool.Nancy: Yeah it was, was fun – absolutely.Nicholas: Amazing. What’s one thing everybody should know about hiring Nancy Kay Insurance Agency?Nancy: Well we’re a little different than other agencies, in that I give every client my cellphone number. So that if there’s an emergency, or they need me after hours – they can get in touch with me. And yes I’ve had one call at 3 in the morning when there was a house fire.Nicholas: Oh wow.Nancy: But got it taken care of. The client was fine, they saved the house. Had some damage to it, but not a lot. So I think it’s very important that clients can get in touch with me when they need me.Nicholas: Definitely, that’s amazing.Nancy: Thank you.Nicholas: What’s unique about your insurance agency?Nancy: I am an insurance broker. Which means I have 40 plus companies that I can place insurance with, so we get the best coverage at the best price, make sure people are taken care of. You still get us, but we just make sure that we place it with the company that’s most appropriate for the individual looking for insurance.Nicholas: Wow nice.Nancy: Thank You.Nicholas: Nancy, what’s your favorite song?Nancy: Oh gosh, there’s so many to choose from. I would say my all-time favorite would be, “Go all the way,” by The Raspberries. And old, song – old, old song.Nicholas: Oh cool, is that Doo-wop?Nancy: No it’s not.Nicholas: Oh.Nancy: But it’s ’70’s.Nicholas: Oh okay.Nancy: So ’60s, ’70s.Nicholas: ’70’s.Nancy: Late ’60’s and ’70’s,Nicholas: Nice. What’s the best way for people to reach you, Nancy?Nancy: Oh that would be either through my cell phone, which is 512-785-6043. Or at my office 512-759-5056.Nicholas: Very cool.Nancy: Love to hear from people.Nicholas: What was your cell phone number again?Nancy: 512-785-6043. Love to hear from you.Nicholas: Nice. Thank you Nancy. This has been another Community Spotlight, where I interview local companies that I know and trust. I’m your host Nicholas Painter, thanks for watching.Nancy: Thank you.

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