Dipping a Paint Brush in Austin, TX!

It’s a great day!

Hi, I’m Nicholas Painter, of Brush & Color Painting, home of the 3 year warranty on all painting projects. I’m a residential paint contractor, and you’re probably wondering if Painter is my real last name! Yes it is..I’ve been a painter my whole life.

Here we are on this beautiful day in Austin TX. I’m going to read a blog to you!

Dipping a Paint Brush in Austin, TX!

It’s not difficult to quickly get a paint brush completely covered in paint, not to mention the painter’s hands!

When dipping a paint brush into paint, we use a specific technique to ensure the brush gets the proper amount of paint, while not getting oversaturated or making a mess. 

An important step in this process is wiping excess paint off of the bristles and onto our handy paint pal, in the same spot every time. This ensures a consistent flow of paint and peace of mind for our painters, keeping hands and base of brush clean for much longer. 

After 2-3 hours of use, we will give our brushes a quick rinse and combing, to release the build up of paint at the base of the brush. This consistent brushing maintenance allows our brushes to deliver a beautiful product and last for years to come! 

If you have any questions regarding your next paint project, or would like to learn more about our brushing techniques, feel free to reach out or book an estimate at brushandcolor.com – it takes less than a minute!

I’m Nicholas Painter, I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this video!

It’s a great day!

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