The Importance of Primer in Austin, TX!

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Hi, I’m Nicholas Painter, of Brush & Color Painting, home of the 3 year warranty on all painting projects. I’m a residential paint contractor, and you’re probably wondering if Painter is my real last name! Yes it is.. I’ve been a painter my whole life!

Here we are on this beautiful day in Austin TX. I’m going to read a blog to you!

The Importance of Primer in Austin, TX! 

We recently had a project for a first time home buyer (CONGRATULATIONS!!), where they had pulled some old wiring from an obsolete wall mounted system before we started painting. 

The wires had been painted-over when they were installed, most likely by the previous owner during a DIY installation/remodel. When they pulled the wires down along with them came some paint off of the wall. It peeled right off!

What does this mean? It means we have had to scrape the paint off of all of the walls, and it came off easy! 

Why did the paint peel right off the walls!?

The drywall was painted with a latex paint, but not primed before hand. Primer is designed with resins that seal porous surfaces, to create the bond that paint needs to adhere. 

Paints are designed with pigments to color your space, whereas primers are designed with resins to seal and protect. They are equally important in creating a happy and healthy home! 

Remember; paints = pigments. primers = resins.

If you have any questions about your next interior painting project, you can book an estimate at, it takes less than a minute! 

I’m Nicholas Painter, I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this video!

It’s a great day!

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