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How Much Does It Cost to Paint My Kitchen/Dining Area

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Hi, I’m Nicholas Painter of Brush & Color Painting, home of the 3 year warranty on all painting projects!

You’re planning on painting you kitchen/dining area for the new season. Before you hire a paint contractor, it is wise to get a few estimates on the project to compare the value and costs. The price will likely range anywhere from $500 to $15,000, depending on 2 main factors, they are:

  1. the scope of work
  2. the size of your kitchen

I am going to break down for you what it would cost to have Brush & Color Painting paint your kitchen/dining area in Austin, TX!

1 Scope of work

The First thing we must do in order to figure out how much it will cost to paint your kitchen/dining area is the scope of work. This is the time during the estimate when we will be asking you some questions;

  • Do you want to paint the cabinets?
  • Do you want to paint the ceiling?
  • Do you want to paint the walls?
  • Do you want to paint the trim and baseboards?
  • When do you want it painted?
  • Do you have any colors in mind?
  • Have you hired paint contractors before? 

We are going to assume you want to paint the ceilings, walls, trim, baseboards, doors and let’s include the cabinets as a separate line item. All surfaces will be prepped, patched, repaired, sanding, cleaned and painted with 2 coats of premium paints. 

2 Size of your kitchen/dining area

Now that we know the scope of the work, we must measure and get a count of exactly what we are painting. This is when we will use our laser measuring device to get an exact measurement of your kitchen/dining area.
We will also be noting any repairs that need done, as well as counting any doors, cabinet doors and drawers, and any large furniture that needs moved. The more notes taken, the easier it will be during production. 
We have measured your kitchen. 

  • Your kitchen is 12 x 15 with 8 ft ceilings. 
  • The walls measure out to 432 square feet
  • The ceiling measures to 180 square feet
  • The trim measures out to 54 linear feet
  • There is 1 door and 1 door jamb in the kitchen
  • The cabinets have 32 doors and 15 drawers.

The cost to paint my kitchen/dining area

Now that we have all of the information that we need, I am going to breakdown the cost to paint your kitchen/dining area.
All costs includes labor (prep, patch, repair, sanding, cleaning and painting), materials (2 coats of premium paint), 3 year warranty on all painting projects. 

“Cabinet Painting”

Brush & Color Painting uses a step-by-step system to ensure great results. This process includes, but not limited to;

  • Protecting unpainted surfaces
  • Remove and label all doors, drawers, hardware, hinges and other objects from the cabinets prior to painting.
  • Cleaning all cabinet pieces with degreaser
  • Sanding,
  • Cleaning,
  • Applying primer Sanding
  • Applying 2 coats of the finish topcoat.

All pieces will be documented and reviewed for minor repairs.Any major repairs are subject to additional charges, upon client’s approval.Oak cabinets are brushed and rolled during primer coats, to ensure the grain is filled. Grain-cracks are filled to the surface, but not smoothed.

  • Total = $5,060

“Regular Painting”

  • Paint Ceilings 180 sf = $242
  • Paint Walls 432 sf = $485
  • Paint Trim 54 lf = $123
  • Paint Door & Jamb = $107
  • Total = $957

Grand Total $6,017

As you can see cabinet painting is an investment. Compared to refacing or replacing your cabinets, getting your cabinets painted is only a fraction of the cost, while transforming your space. We use high performance materials and fine-finish spray technology, for stunning results.
If you have any questions or would like to book a free estimate, you can do so at


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