How much does it cost to paint my Large Living Room in Austin, TX?

How much does it cost to paint my Large Living Room in Austin, TX?

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How much does it cost to paint my Large Living Room in Austin, TX?

 It’s a great day! Hi, I’m Nicholas Painter of Brush & Color Eco Painting, home of the 9 year warranty with free annual touch ups! You want to paint your living room. There are a few good reasons as to why you would want to get your living room painted. Perhaps a color change, maybe you want to go bold, or change from a bold color to something more subtle. Another great reason to get your living room painted is that you’ve got some new furniture, and you want to paint to match. If it’s been a few years since you last got your living room painted, there is likely some wear on the previous paint job, which is another great reason to hire a paint contractor.  I am going to break down for you the cost to paint your living room, when hiring Brush & Color Eco Painting. Let’s assume you would like to paint the ceiling, walls, trim, doors and baseboards – all with 2 coats of good quality paint, that will last up to 9 years, with free touch ups from one of our amazing painters.  First we have to measure your large living room. We use a laser-measuring device to ensure we don’t miss an inch! Measuring your walls shows us that they are 15 ft wide, and 20 ft long. Another important measurement to take is the height from the floor to the ceiling. Your floor-to-ceiling height is 8 ft. We must measure now the linear feet of the baseboards. Using our laser-measuring device, we have measured 70 linear feet of baseboard in your living room. Next we have to count the amount of doors and door jambs. There is 1 door and 1 door jamb in your living room.  

Now that we have all of the measurements we need, we can calculate the price to paint your large living room in Austin TX. 

  • Your ceiling measures out to 300sf, which costs $403, 2 coats, labor and materials.

  • Your walls measure to 560sf, which costs $628, 2 coats, labor and materials.

  • Your baseboards measures to 70 linear feet, which costs $160, 2 coats, labor and materials.

  • Your door (1 side) and door jamb cost $107, 2 coats, labor and materials

 The total cost to paint your Large 12 x 15 (8 ft ceilings) Living Room is $1,298 for all materials and labor. Brush & Color has a 9 year warranty with Free Annual Touch Ups on most interior painting projects. We use the safest paints on the market, with low to no off-gassing after we have completed the project. Brush & Color does not mark-up the paint cost and we take pride in our prep work, ensuring the paint will last and not a drop will be left behind.  If you have any questions, or would like to book a free estimate, you can visit – it takes less than a minute to book with us!  Sincerely,Nicholas PainterBrush & Color Eco Painting

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