How Long Does Interior Repaint Take In Austin, TX?​

How Long Will My Interior Repaint Take In Austin, TX? will depend on a number of things. The number one time-factor would be the size of the project. To determine the size of your interior repaint project, let’s consider the following:

What interiors do you intend on repainting?

Let’s say your home is 2,400 SF and you want everything painted. Everything meaning all of the walls, ceilings, doors, trim, crown-molding, and cabinets. It could take as long as 3 weeks to finish the project. If you hire a one-man paint contractor, it could take up to 3 months! There is a lot to think about here. Proper planning on your part will lead to a smooth process. Having said that, let’s ask some more questions.

Do you want your entire house interior repainted?

If every room is to be painted, that will mean more time will be added to the project. If time is a factor, consider skipping closets, garages, laundry rooms. Focus on the big rooms that will leave an impact on your guests!

Do you want the walls painted?

If your walls are in rougher shape than the rest of the surfaces, you may want to consider just painting the walls. For example, if you just bought a home. The builder or seller will have likely had the house painted, but perhaps you don’t like the wall color they chose. In this case, you would consider only painting the walls. This would mean the project could get finished in a matter of days, as opposed to weeks.

Do you want your trim, crown-molding and doors painted?

If your home has not been painted or updated in some time, you will want to consider painting the trim and doors. If you are considering painting trim and doors, you can expect up to a week of additional work for an entire house. This is because the prep involved to paint trim is extensive, especially if it is oil-based paint we are repainting over.

Does the ceiling need painted?

If the ceiling has cracks in it or just needs updated, you can add one to two days time to the project.

Do the cabinets need painted?

If you are considering painting cabinets, you can add an additional week to the project, for a standard-sized home kitchen/laundry/bath cabinetry set.

Is your interior in good shape currently?

If your current paint-state is in good shape, perhaps only one coat will be needed. If so, you can shorten the project time vastly, to less than a weeks time.

Do you want to add any accent walls?

Accent walls will add time to a project due to the fact that dry-time between colors is a factor. To get a great accent wall, you have to have perfect lines where they meet. This means that one color has to be fully dried before the next color is applied.  You can expect your space to be in a disruptive state for a brief time. This is important to consider before hiring a paint contractor. You always want to ask them how they intend on completing the project. If they have systems in place for operations, they could get your interior repaint project done more efficiently. Furthermore, proper systems will ensure less clutter during the process.  If you have any questions about your next interior painting project, or an exterior painting project…you can book a free estimate at, it takes less than a minute! I would love to hear about your interior paint projects in the comments below! Best Wishes,Nicholas Painter Brush & Color Painting

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