Where Can I Throw Away My Old Paint Cans

You may have a corner in your garage, laundry room, attic, basement or utility closet with a stack of paint cans you don’t know the origin of. Many people throw away old paint cans, which is not suggested, as the paint is considered a hazardous chemical.  If so, you can actually recycle them in Austin TX! The Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-Off Center is a great resource for clearing out your space of expired and in-the-way paint cans. They accept any old cans of paint you may have, and reuse and repurpose the materials! Here is the location of the Reuse Center in Austin, TX.  If you have any questions regarding your old paint cans or a new paint project, reach out to me by booking an estimate …it takes less than 1 minute! Best wishes, Nicholas PainterBrush & Color Painting

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