2022-01-23 Brush and Color Eco Painting Dripping Springs TX Preparing To Paint Your Bathroom Cabinet

5 Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Bathroom Cabinets in Dripping Springs, TX in 2022

You may be well aware that the painting of cabinets can be quite a tricky matter, and this is true especially if you approach the project from a perspective of diving into it without any sort of preparation.

However, if you do make sure to prepare for what could be a lengthy painting process, you will likely find that the paintwork will go significantly better and in some cases you can save a significant amount of time and money from having prepared for it so well in advance.

Let’s now look at and consider five tips for preparing to paint your bathroom cabinets in Dripping Springs, TX in 2022

1. Planning Out The Painting To Be Done

One thing that you absolutely should do when you’re looking to paint your bathroom cabinets is to make a full plan of how the painting project is going to go.

This is going to include everything from measurements of all the surfaces that are going to be painted to a basic timeline of when you are going to be doing everything that is involved in the painting.

By doing this, you will be helping yourself know how much time the full project is going to take, and you will be able to calculate things like how much paint and primer you are going to need, as well as the amount of protective material that will be a part of the project to keep your floors and surrounding areas safe and free of paint.

2. Remove The Hardware

A fairly simple and important step in the process of getting ready to paint your bathroom cabinets is nonetheless one that a lot of people skip, ironically in the name of saving time.

This involves removing all of the hardware that is attached to your bathroom cabinets and putting it somewhere for safekeeping – perhaps a small plastic container that you previously had gotten from a take-out restaurant.

The key important thing here is that by removing the hardware, it’s going to be a lot easier to paint the cabinets as you’re not going to be worried about accidentally painting said hardware and it won’t get in the way while you are trying to paint.

3. Clean The Cabinets

An important step in getting your bathroom cabinets properly painted is going to involve fully cleaning them, both outside and inside, and this is a step you should pay special attention to because in the bathroom you have more than just the ordinary dust and grime to contend with – you may just find some mildew and mold.

This must of course be properly dealt with before you start prepping the surfaces for painting, as you don’t just escape from mildew and mold by painting over it – you can imagine how bad it would look to paint over mold.

Fully clean the cabinets and then allow them to dry before you do anything else to do with painting.

4. Remove Doors And Drawers

As much as you might want to minimize the amount of disassembly of the cabinets when it comes to painting them you really should take off the doors and remove the drawers before you start to paint.

Doing this will make sure that the doors get properly painted and that they won’t get in your way when you’re trying to paint the rest of the cabinets.

5. Protect Surfaces

There are a lot of surfaces in your bathroom that isn’t going to be painted when you’re looking to paint your bathroom cabinets, and if you want to make sure it stays that way you have to protect these surfaces in one way or another.

Such forms of protection would come in the form of having drop cloths that you could put on the floor by the cabinets so that paint doesn’t get on them, and perhaps something on the walls nearby where you are painting so paint doesn’t get on the walls.


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