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7 Useful Bedroom Cabinet Designs in Rollingwood, TX in 2024

Bedrooms can be a relaxing oasis that separates our piece of the world from the rest of the house — or they can become a cluttered mess that results from having little space or too many things.

In order to feel the calming effects, your bedroom should create for you an open space is ideal.

How do you go about solving issues of either negative space or a plethora of belongings that seem to be without home?

Let’s look at how to change things up with seven useful bedroom cabinet designs in Rollingwood, TX in 2021.

1. Build your cabinets around a window

Built-in cabinets are amazing space savers that look smart on any wall of a room but can add an extra touch when built to surround the room’s window(s) — a seating area.

A storage area beneath a bench at the window opens the room up for less furnishings by canceling out the need for a chair and offers a fun area to decorate.

This space can serve as reading nook, dressing bench, or just that cushioned spot where you enjoy a morning cup of coffee while people-watching — and all without taking any square footage from the room at large.

2. Alternate between enclosed and showcasing

An entirely open cabinetry concept brings to mind a home library and, while libraries are fantastic rooms, this may detract from the feeling you’re seeking in your bedroom.

Beyond just looks, we all have things in our rooms that are more personal and not something you are eager for guests or other inhabitants to view which makes the combination of open shelving and doored cabinets a spectacular choice.

Books, decorative accents and the like can be peppered across the shelves while unmentionables and valuables stay out of sight and well-stored in the cabinets below.

3. Bring the cabinets to bed with you

Who says you have to install your cabinets solely along a wall — building your own headboard and/or storage platform is an excellent way to incorporate cabinetry without minimizing the open area.

Drawers under the bed can cancel out the need for dressers or linen closets and shelves in your headboard can keep your alarm clock or current reading material at hand.

If you don’t prefer the look of a storage headboard, you can get the same benefits by building the cabinets to pull out from the side — leaving a modern look to the headboard itself while still providing organizational space.

4. Install niches for your tech

The beauty of putting in your own cabinetry is the endless catalog of options it provides you — and that comes in handy when you are someone who loves to have their electronics nearby when you sleep.

Rather than mounting a television to a wall, you can have a cupboard that conceals it when not in use and keeps all the corresponding cords tucked away from view or from becoming a trip hazard.

The same applies to stereo equipment and, if your bed happens to be part of your built-in area, the sound components can be placed for optimal listening as you drift to sleep.

5. Choose mirrored doors

Small bedrooms can feel confining and the comfortability dips a bit when you can’t truly relax.

Adding mirrored doors to your cabinets creates the optical illusion of extra space by reflection and what was simply storage before becomes a means of giving you room to breathe.

6. Include your appliances

There are many homes that still use baseboard and radiator heating which tend to be a hassle when designing a space.

When installing built-in cabinetry in a bedroom, you can factor those heating appliances into the schematics and a wall that may have been troublesome before is now functional and practical.

The great thing about this option is it dresses up the baseboards and radiators a bit rather than leaving them as an eyesore in the room.

7. A place for everything…

And, finally, everything in its place — from linens to clothing to personal items.

Built-in cabinetry conforms to your designs and therefore your needs, so it takes all the floating belongings in a room and gives them homes where they are easy to access if the items are necessities — or lets them be displayed if they are sentimental.

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