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5 Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Home Office in Austin, TX in 2024

Working from home can be freeing when it comes to having no design rules or requirements you would encounter working in a corporate office.

With many jobs moving online and meetings being hosted by video platforms, having a home office that reflects your personal style while still remaining professional is key.

Considering this, here are five cabinet design ideas for your home office in Austin, TX in 2021.


1. Install some built-ins

Built-in cabinets and shelves can add a sense of permanence and importance to a home office — the sturdy shelves will hold a variety of books or manuals related to your work while the supplies can be tucked away in the cabinets to remain organized yet unseen.

The beauty of built-ins is the customization for what you are looking for in office design — these cabinets and shelves will literally be built to suit your taste.

Many prefabricated pieces have the multiple settings for shelves which give you the opportunity not only to set up your shelves at the height which best suits yours needs but to adjust the shelves anytime your needs change.

2. Add unique hardware

If you live in a home with a pre-established office or you want to update the built-ins you’ve installed yourself, changing the hardware to reflect your style can be quite effective — both on the ambiance in your room and on your wallet as hardware is considerably less expensive than new furnishings.

Rather than the standard knobs and pulls, you could personalize the hardware to represent your business — for example, pulls that look like branches or logs for a lumber business or horseshoes for a rodeo organizer really bring the work into the decor.

With a wide variety of premade pieces and companies that make custom hardware, the opportunity to individualize your office is at your fingertips.

3. Use locally sourced materials

Taking pride in the location of your business sends a positive message to your clients or customers and you can show this in your office by choosing woods and other materials that are native to your area.

For example, hardwoods like oak, elm, and maple have a variety of trees that fall into their species and choosing one that is native to your area is a touch of loyalty that speaks volumes to your clients.

This also helps to spark your local economy and help keep the homeland of your business thriving while eliminating any shipping time and/or errors for you.

4. Go sleek and seamless

The modern look favors the modular, adjustable style of cabinetry and putting these in your office gives it a clean line.

Doors with no embellishments or hardware blend easily into the cabinetry or shelving next to them and can become a soothing, smooth backdrop to any home office.

In adopting this style be sure to maintain a singular color or wood grain throughout the room for uniformity — otherwise, you can create an attractive pattern with alternating hues.

5. Incorporate color

Finally, for a career that encourages creativity and boldness — paint your cabinets in fun colors that make your home office also your home inspiration spot.

You can choose to adopt one bright color amid a neutral wall and furniture tone or otherwise incorporate a rainbow of colors that suit your personality — although you should be careful not to overwhelm the area behind your desk in case online meetings are a regular means of communication for your work. 

Be sure to choose the right paint finishes for your particular cabinet materials and don’t be afraid to change things up when the mood strikes — hardwoods can be refinished multiple times with the right prepping/painting. 

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