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7 Living Room Cabinet Painting Mistakes To Avoid in Rollingwood, TX in 2024

In looking to update the look of your living room, you may be tempted to entirely replace the cabinets that you have there – only you then realize the cost of getting a new set of cabinets can be astronomical, especially when you consider how much it could well cost just to get your existing cabinets to look better.

Of course, to paint your living room cabinets is to do a good thing for your cabinets so long as you follow the basic steps of the process and avoid making some fundamental mistakes that can really throw off your cabinet painting project.

Let’s now look at seven living room cabinet painting mistakes to avoid in Rollingwood, TX in 2024

1. Not Planning The Project

If you start off by not having any plans for your living room cabinet painting project, you have a much greater chance of having issues than if you make plans well in advance of starting.

There are a number of issues that you will find with not having any plan for your painting project, such as as the possibility of running out of paint while you are painting… or finishing the project and finding yourself with numerous buckets of paint that then have to either be donated or recycled.

Both options are not ideal for your painting project and this and other reasons are why you should always carefully plan out your painting project before starting it.

2. Leaving The Doors And Drawers On

Another mistake that people tend to make when they’re painting their living room cabinets is to leave the doors and drawers on, usually figuring that they’re going to get the work done faster if they just paint the doors and drawers while they are attached.

This is not the case, however — you will most often find that if you leave the doors and drawers on, it will not only be more difficult to paint them (they’re more easily painted after being removed) but it also will be more difficult to paint the cabinets as well as the doors and drawers will get in your way.

3. Not Labeling Anything

Since you now know that it’s good to remove the doors and drawers before you paint, do you know how to keep track of what goes where?

For those who do not label either their doors or drawers, it’s just about impossible to tell which of the doors go with which part of the cabinet.

The trick is to label the doors and drawers so that you know where they’re going to go once you finish painting.

4. Not Sanding At All

In preparing to paint your living room cabinets, you should make sure that the surface that is to be painted is going to be smooth.

By sanding, you will make the surface of the cabinets that much smoother — but you have to be  careful… more on this next.

5. Sanding Too Much

While it’s true that sanding is good, it’s only good within limit… for sanding too much will actually cause damage to the cabinets and this is not to be done.

The idea is to gently sand so that your cabinets will be smoother, not to overdo it.

6. Using Overly Inexpensive Tools

In painting your cabinets, you are going to want to avoid making use of overly inexpensive tools which might seem like they’re just the same as the other tools available to you — yet they are not.

Indeed, you will find that the tools you use can make the project take longer and end up looking worse in the end.

7. Using The Wrong Kind Of paint

Lastly, you need to make sure you’re using the right kind of paint — and by this we don’t just mean that you’re using interior paint of course.

Since you’re going to be painting a room like the living room it would be a good idea to use a glossier paint to make them easier to clean.

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