2022-03-09 Brush Color Eco Painting San Marcos TX Study Cabinet Painting Mistakes

Study Cabinet Painting Mistakes To Avoid in San Marcos, TX in 2022

In looking to better your home, you may look around and realize that it’s entirely possible that it has been too long since you updated the look of your study cabinets.

Of course it’s not always necessary to do things to make your study cabinets to look better — after all, it’s entirely possible that your study cabinets already look perfectly fine as it they are – but if they don’t, you should think about if you want to update their look or if it’s necessary to replace them entirely.

If it turns out that you will have to paint your study cabinets, there are key mistakes that you will want to avoid in order to make the painting process go better.

Let’s have a look at some study cabinet painting mistakes to avoid in San Marcos, TX in 2022

1. Leaving The Doors And Drawers On The Cabinets

One critical mistake that you might make when you’re looking to paint your study cabinets is to leave the doors and drawers on them during the painting process.

Though you may think that the removal of the doors and drawers is a time consuming process that is not at all necessary, this is not the case and you ultimately will save a lot more time and will have better painted cabinets.

The reason that this is the case is that the process of doing this will get the doors and drawers out of your way and you will also find that it is significantly easier to paint the doors and drawers when they have been first removed from the cabinets.

2. Not Cleaning After Sanding

Though it is fairly common knowledge that you need to sand the surface being painted to get a smoother surface, there are some who will just stop after sanding and move on to the next step (which is applying a coat of primer) without cleaning up first.

This is a mistake because when you sand surfaces, you generate a good amount of what is known as sanding dust, and in leaving the sanding dust on the cabinets and in the general area you leave open the possibility that you are going to see that very same sanding dust back on the cabinets.

The best thing that you can do in this regard is to vacuum if that’s possible and then use a moist cloth to remove the rest of the sanding dust.

3. Not Choosing A Color Or Colors Carefully

When you are going to paint your study cabinets, you can’t just go with any colors that are available to you — though of course you’re more than welcome to do this if you genuinely don’t care how your cabinets look.

It’s a good idea to think about the other colors that you have in the room when you are considering a color for the cabinets and how the color or colors of the cabinets are going to interact as it were with these other colors.

There are a lot of choices you have for how to best get a good color or colors for your cabinets, including going to the store and making use of printed paint strips to approximate how the paint will look on your cabinets.

A closer look that will be a bit more difficult to achieve for many (but well worth it, in our opinion) involves getting small samples of paint and applying them in small areas and then seeing how these will look in a number of light settings – it will get you a better approximation of how the color or colors will look.

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