7 Painting Ideas for the Baby Nursery in Tarrytown, TX

7 Painting Ideas for the Baby Nursery in Tarrytown, TX

A baby nursery is a treasured place for your newborn to spend his or her first special moments at night every night, so you want to make sure feels comfortable.

One of the easiest ways you can ease the transition of your baby from the more comfortable womb living space in which they were inhabiting to the world in which we live is to find pleasant ways to paint their nursery.

Here, therefore, are seven painting ideas for the baby nursery in Tarrytown, TX.

1. Constellations For The Walls And Ceiling

This is a fairly ambitious and large project and could take the better part of a few weeks to accomplish, possibly more depending on how many hours you spend every day working on it but when it is finished, you will surely agree that it is well worth the effort.

When you look into the sky at night and you see the stretch of the constellations that light up the night sky you will surely find inspiration for this theme for your walls, which is largely dark but is covered gently with the beautiful bright stars that guided so many sailors at night and led to inspiration for people to want to explore the universe.

Take images of the constellations from image searches and use them to help you make somewhat accurate star charts for your baby’s nursery and he or she will beam with delight as she goes to bed every night and takes naps during the day.

There are few things as beautiful as a wall and ceiling covered in constellations and you will surely enjoy putting together this project for your baby.

2. Silver Brown

The colors silver and brown don’t seem to have anything in common, but they are quite a good pairing — though ideally, you will want a lot more silver than brown.

With just enough brown you will have a lovely silver shade that won’t overwhelm your baby and growing child as they spend quality time in their nursery both during the day and at night.

3. Splattered Stars

The stars that are depicted in your baby’s nursery don’t have to have any connection with the stars that can be seen either from an observatory or just by gazing out into the night sky.

It is not like you will have a baby that is going to look at their nursery wall and tell you they don’t like how unrealistic the walls look compared to the actual reality of stars in the sky.

Instead, you can use more creative star-like designs to splatter across the walls and the ceiling of your baby’s nursery and just spread across the joyful idea of being among the stars.

4. Black Paint With Glow In The Dark Stick On Stars

Here is a much simpler idea if you like the idea of stars for your baby’s nursery but don’t want to spend too much time painting the stars one at a time.

You can find glow in the dark stick-on stars that come in a variety of sizes and come in bags with a few dozen and occasionally also come with small shapes representing the planets in the solar system.

The way that these shapes work is that you stick them onto the wall or ceiling and as long as there is some light source either from the sun outside or even from an artificial light is on during the day, the stickers will charge so to speak.

As soon as the room becomes dark, they will glow in the dark and your baby will find him or herself, depending on how well you spread the stars in the room, entirely surrounded by stars at night.

5.Trees For A Woodland Look

If space isn’t your thing — and let’s face it, it’s not for everyone — how about painting a beautiful woodland scene for your baby / young infant’s nursery?

Imagine being surrounded by a variety of trees at night — there are those who say that sleeping among the trees is one of the most comforting things you can do to sleep well at night.

There are also poets who swear by the beauty of sleeping among trees and the kind of therapy known as spending time in nature, and if your baby’s nursery resembles this kind of wooded area, it’s a thing of beauty for those who will look upon it.

6. Tilted Suggestive Pointed Arrows

When children are in school, they learn about mathematics and the signs signifying greater than or less than that look like this — > and <.

One fairly simple painted theme you can spread around the entire baby nursery is one of the simple lines coupled with greater than and less than symbols.

By painting such a group of symbols you can have a decorated wall set that is pleasant to look at while not being overly distracting to the baby as he or she tries to go to sleep at night.

7. One Striped Accent Wall

Probably one of the most simple ways to make your baby’s nursery look amazing is to take exactly one wall of the nursery and make it the accent wall and have stripes of a contrasting color to the other colors that you will find present in the room.

The beauty of this simple idea is that all the other walls in the room will be the same flat color — they can even be a simple white or an off white if you prefer — and the one wall can really stand out.

If you need any help to choose your colors and repainting your baby’s nursery or home interior, Brush & Color Painting can help. 

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