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5 Things To Do To Prepare For Ceiling Painting in Austin, TX in 2021

Sometimes when you are looking to update the look of your home and you look up, you may note that the ceiling is looking less than fresh, so to speak, and is in need of a good paint job.

Though some people are not aware of this, a ceiling needs to be periodically painted to stay looking optimal just like any other wall in your home — what is a ceiling but a wall you have above your head, after all?

With that being the case, here are five things to do to prepare for ceiling painting in Austin, TX in 2021


1. Remove The Furniture

You may be wondering what the furniture in the room being painted has to do with the ceiling being painted, and this is a perfectly reasonable thing to wonder.

When you’re working on painting the ceiling, you want as few things to be in your way as possible, and this includes any furniture over which you may stumble while at work.

The best thing you could possibly do is to remove the furniture prior to starting your paintwork and if that’s just not possible, to shift it as far to the center as possible and then to cover it with some kind of drop cloth to protect it from paint spills.

2. Choose Your Paint Wisely

What is paint but a liquid that covers a surface and gives it a distinct color — but not all paint is the same, and certainly when you are painting your ceiling you don’t want to just use any paint.

There are certain paints out there that are specially made for painting your ceiling — they will have features like having less drip, which is a good thing given that gravity tends to lend itself to causing the paint to drip downward.

The other special thing you should look out for when you’re choosing a ceiling paint is that you want something that isn’t going to peel or crack easily.

3. Choose A Color

Sure, you could just go with basic white or even an eggshell color, but why limit yourself to just those colors when really, you can choose just about any color you want for your ceiling as long as it suits your likes.

The only limitations on what color you choose for your ceiling is your own — don’t let someone tell you that you can’t have a particular color for your ceiling because they think that it looks bad.

4. Prepare The Room

The best way to prepare a room for painting is to think about everything in the room that you would not want to get covered by paint, and then either remove those things or somehow cover them with a drop cloth.

The floor, for example — and it’s best to use a heavier drop cloth on the floor so that when you are moving around and going from place to place you don’t accidentally shift it and expose the floor to the dripping paint.

Other things in the room you should look to protect include even the light switch covers and electrical outlet covers, which can be removed and replaced with painter’s tape for the duration of the paintwork.

5. Prepare The Ceiling

The last thing you should do to prepare for painting is to prepare the ceiling itself.

This means doing things like properly cleaning the ceiling and making sure that it is as smooth as possible before you start the painting process — including giving it a gentle sanding if you can to get it just a bit smoother.

At this point, you should already have the paint on hand but if you don’t, it’s better to calculate how much you will need before purchasing it — better to not have too much excess paint.


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