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Pros And Cons Of Buying Your Own Paint For Interior Painting in Austin, TX in 2021

In any given painting project, you’re going to need paint — that comes with the territory, as it were.

When you’re working with a painting contractor to get your painting project done right, you may have the option of buying your own paint — and if you have this option, your initial thought may be to just go for it.

However, before you do so you may wish to give it some thought as it’s not nearly as straightforward as you may believe.

Let’s now look at the pros and cons of buying your own paint for interior painting in Austin, TX in 2021

Pro : Having A Sense Of Control

One thing that people somewhat don’t like about getting a professional painting contractor (versus doing it themselves as it were) is the sense that they lose the control over what is being done in their home.

By choosing your own paint, you at least get that part of the paintwork in terms of control, as you will be able to have full say over what paint is going to be used to paint your home interior.

It may not seem like a lot, but for some people it is just enough to feel like they are able to do something for their home interior other than just choosing a painting contractor.

Con : Losing The Convenience Of The Painting Contractor Buying It

When you hire a professional painting contractor and you get the paint yourself, you miss out on the convenience of the painting contractor doing the purchase for you.

It’s sometimes not clear until you’re actually engaged in the act of buying paint just how much time is needed to do it.

This is not to speak of the physical labor required to transport the paint to your house — which of course the painting contractor would do were they to be the one to supply the paint.

Pro : Being Able To Support Stores You Like

When you are the one in charge of supplying the paint for your painting project, you’ll be able to choose the store where the paint is going to be purchased.

That means that if you have a paint store where you particularly like the work they do (for whatever reason) you can choose to support that store by buying the paint there.

Con : The Contractor Has Good Vendor Relations (Saves Money)

When it comes to acquiring paint, you pretty much can’t do too much better than to be a painting contractor which makes sense if you think about it.

The painting contractor will have done many jobs over the course of their career and so will have purchased significantly more paint than an average person would and so has better vendor relations — and so will be able to get the paint for a lower price.

Pro : Having Better Choice Over Tint

When you are purchasing and choosing your own paint, you’ll be able to more carefully choose the precise tint that you will get with the paint.

This is because you’ll be able to talk to the paint store directly and explain the tint you are interested in with greater nuance.

Con : The Contractor Knows More About What Paint Works Well

Lastly, you should remember that a good painting contractor will know a lot more about what paint works well for your precise interior painting need.

This is because of all the time they have spent painting and getting well educated on what they need to do to make a painting project happen.

Conclusion :

The choice as to whether you should get your own paint is ultimately up to you but now that you are better informed on the pros and cons, you should be able to make the decision with a bit more ease.

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