2022-05-23 Brush Color Eco Painting Westlake Hills TX Living Room Cabinet Colors

Living Room Cabinet Painting Colors To Use in Westlake Hills, TX in 2022

You might be aware of the fact that painting your living room cabinets can help to get your living room to look better — and it means that you don’t have to spend the money to entirely replace the cabinets, which is good from both an economic and environmental perspective.

However, what you might not think about when considering your living room cabinet painting is the color that you are going to want to paint — and the interesting thing is that the color or colors you choose can make a difference between cabinets that look good in the room and cabinets that don’t seem to fit in with the overall look of the room.

Some colors are overall better for a living room, and today we are going to have a look at some of these colors and perhaps some coordinating colors to go with them.

Let’s have a look at some living room cabinet painting colors to use in Westlake Hills, TX in 2022

1. Light Blue

One color that you might want to use when you are painting your living room cabinets is light blue.

Though some people might find that light blue could be a bit too light as far as colors go for a living room, this is not at all the case — it really depends on what other colors you have in the room.

When you have light blue cabinets, you can actually make it look really nice by adding black.

2. Lavender

Lavender is a color that might bring to mind the plant after which the color is named, which is quite a good thing, particularly if you are fond of purple like colors.

The color purple can bring along with it associations of all kinds of lovely majesty, which is probably a pleasant thing for you to have in your living room.

If you’re looking to match the color with a color that would go well with it, you can think about making use of a good yellow — that tends to look rather nice next to purple colors and colors in the purple family.

3. Gray

Though of course some might think of gray as a rather drab one and that it would surely not look all that good in a living room on your cabinets, the truth is that depending on what shade you choose for them they can look positively fantastic.

There are quite a few shades of gray from which you are going to be able to choose, from a light gray to a darker grays that are more like slate, and all of them would go quite well with yellow if you want to go with a complementary color — a yellow that is generally going to be brighter in nature.

4. Off White

Lastly, though people will be a bit hesitant to make use of a color that is anything resembling white, it’s not a bad idea to use perhaps a color that is off white as it were.

There are many benefits to using a color that is off white for your living room cabinets, beginning with the fact that you’re going to have a broader range of colors with which the cabinets will go in the room, meaning you don’t have to worry quite as much for the cabinets to be clashing with something in the room.

Moreover, even though the color is off white, it is still neutral enough that you can then have accents on the cabinets that come in just about any color — of course, you’d then have to take into consideration whether the accents that you want to add with the cabinets are going to go with the other colors in the room.

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