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Pros And Cons Of Limewashing Brick Exterior in Austin, TX in 2022

There are many ways to improve the exterior of your home, and when it comes to painting your home you should of course think about what material makes up your home.

If your home is made up of brick, for example, you can perhaps think about the possibility of limewashing the exterior – but before you decide to do this, it bears looking at both the pros and cons of doing it and then decide if it merits doing.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of limewashing brick exterior in 2022

Pro : Limewash Is Environmentally Friendly

One thing that a lot of people really appreciate about using limewash is how environmentally friendly it is as a way to change the look of your home exterior.

Limestone is fundamentally made of two ingredients — limestone and water, both of which are found in nature, of course.

As such, it is completely free of any additives to the mix that could possibly be bad for the environment in terms of run-off and the like.

Con : Inconsistent Color

If you are going to be limewashing your home, you will know that the way that you prepare to do it is to mix the limewash powder with water — and the ratio of powder to water is precisely what is going to be giving your limewash the color that it will eventually have.

When you make the limewash, you are going to have to figure out how much you will need to cover your entire house surface, and you will almost always need a lot more than you think due to the fact that brick really absorbs liquids and so needs more limewash than a different surface would need as far as paint goes.

If you run out of limewash mid-painting project, you are going to need to make more and if you don’t make the exact same ratio of limewash powder to water that you used the first time around, you aren’t going to get the same color results and it will be quite visually obvious that part of your home has one color on it and part of it has another — rather unpleasant.

The only way that you can be absolutely guaranteed to avoid such an issue is if you make significantly more limewash than you think you will need and so you are not going to run out.

Pro : Your Brick Texture Will Remain The Same

One thing that people don’t like about painting their brick is how it fundamentally changes the texture of their brick.

It goes from having the texture of brick to having the feel of paint, which makes sense considering that you are going to ultimately have to apply a few coats of paint to the brick to get it to have the look that you want, and then it will just feel like paint.

By making use of limewash you will get the different color that you want but you will still get the feel of brick — and if you like that brick texture, this is definitely a positive.

Con : Time Fades All Limewash

Lastly (for now – we may need to revisit the issue of the pros and cons of limewashing your brick exterior in the future if you are interested) you should be well aware that given the natural ingredients of limewash, it is something that will fade over time (color-wise) and you will need to apply more in order to keep up with the color.

The thing to bear in mind about this is that you will be aware of the fact that it is inevitable, and so it will be important for you to periodically return to the task of applying limewash to your brick exterior in order to keep up the look of it.

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