When Should I Schedule My Next Interior Paint Project in Austin, TX?

It is not uncommon to get a call requesting painting services on a very short notice.  Short notice to a busy painter could be 3-4 weeks away, and 6-8 weeks during the busy seasons.

Interior painting can happen all year round. There are some minor factors to consider before scheduling your interior paint project, such as moisture levels from humidity and rain. Another factor would be the season you plan on painting. There are busier seasons for painters, where the wait will be longer for a quality contractor. 

So When is the Best time to schedule your next interior paint project?

Let me touch on two points.

  1. How long the work will take.
    1. If you’re planning on the whole house being painted, you should plan on home being in a disruptive state for a couple of weeks.
    2. Or if you have a vacation planned, perhaps you could schedule the painters to complete the work while you are away!
  2. Secondly, be flexible with your schedule. Quite often the homeowner requests work to be performed ASAP. Once they hear from us that our next available time slot for interior work is 4-6 weeks away, their hopes of their room makeover quickly diminishes.
    1. If you need your house painted next week and you’re just now getting estimates, you will greatly decrease your chances of finding and securing a quality paint contractor.
    2. It is important to plan ahead when hiring a reputable painting company in Austin, TX. 

The best times to book your interior paint projects would be in the winter months and the hottest months of summer, as paint companies will likely have less of a wait time.  

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. You can book an estimate at brushandcolor.com, it takes less than a minute!

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this video. 

I’m Nicholas Painter,

It’s a great day!

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